Best Disney Karaoke Machines

Are you looking for the best Disney karaoke machines for kids? We've reviewed all of the top Disney-themed Karaoke Machines and listed them here. Disney princess, Descendants, Toy Story, Moana and Frozen 2. See top picks below.

Best Princess Theme

Disney Princess Disney Karaoke Machine

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Recommended for ages 3 & up, the eKids Disney Princess Karaoke Machine is our top pick. This machine offers 100s of hours of stored music as well as unlimited audio streaming via bluetooth. It features a microphone and LED light show and is the lightweight design is easily portable. The picture on the front is of these Disney princesses; Arial, from “The Little Mermaid”, Moana, from the hit animated film “Moana”, and Rapunzel, from the movie “Tangled”.

Best Descendants Theme

DE-553v9M Descendants Disney Karaoke Machine

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Very similar to the eKids Disney princess karaoke machine, the Descendants Karaoke Machine is also recommended for ages 3 & up. A number of the technological specs are identical as well; it has the capability to store 100s of hours of music as well as the ability to to stream unlimited audio via the bluetooth feature. It also features the LED light show option and has USB connectivity. The main difference is that this machine is Descendants-themed.

Best Toy Story Theme

Toy Story 4 550 Disney Karaoke Machine

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For the Toy Story lover, the eKids 550 Toy Story 4 Disney Karaoke Machine is a must-have. Unlike the Princess and Descendants – themed machines, this one does not feature a light show but it does offer up to 1GB or 16 hours of stored music memory, bluetooth streaming capability, USB compatibility, wired microphone and a headphones jack that will allow kids to use it with headphones.

Best Moana Theme

Moana Disney Karaoke Machine Recording Studio

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Coming in at #4 is the Disney Moana Karaoke Machine. This machine comes with built-in vocal effects, up to 40 minutes of recording space between 10 different files and LED light effects. The dual microphones is a nice touch so kids can sing along with others. It is important to note that the recorded audio files are only recorded for that session and are no stored long term.

Best Frozen Theme

Frozen 2 Disney Karaoke Boombox Machine

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Last but not least is the popular Frozen 2-themed Disney Karaoke Machine. This also happen to be one of the more affordable options though it’s not quite as advanced as some of the other machines we’ve reviewed. What it does have is a really cool light show, compatibility with MP3 players via AUX connection, Microphone with On/Off switch, very cool flashing light show and portable lightweight design.

There are a wide variety of portable Disney karaoke machines available on the market. As a consumer, you can find it extremely overwhelming to search through the many available options to find the best one for you. Great news! We have done the research for you and have compiled a detailed list of the top Disney karaoke machines.

Before we get into the discussing the features of the individual Disney karaoke machines themselves, let’s consider the common details typically available in a Disney karaoke machines; these are features that you should be aware of and consider before making your purchase.

We have taken a look at several main features that are commonly offered in a portable Disney karaoke machine. We will describe whether each feature is included, details about the product and use of these features for each of our top picks.

The main features that we examine for each of our top picks of Disney karaoke machine are the following aspects: portability, bluetooth capability, USB port, microphone, memory and whether or not the device includes some type of light show. We will also detail what additional or alternative features are available in the product as well.

Some questions to keep in mind when looking through the reviews for each of the products listed below are:

Does it have a built in speaker? Does the karaoke system include voice effects, sound effects or voice changer? What is the sound quality? Is the karaoke microphone hard-wired or bluetooth/wireless? Is the karaoke machine bluetooth-enabled?

One more thing to keep in mind, these karaoke machines are made for kids so some of the features you might look for in standard karaoke machines may not be important here.

Disney Princess Bluetooth Portable MP3 Disney Karaoke Machine with Light Show and Hours of Music Memory

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4.5 out of 5 stars

The Disney Princess Portable Karaoke Machine is beautiful and offers every feature that you might be looking for in a karaoke machine! A fun, white machine is detailed with gorgeous watercolor paintings. The multi-colored painting on the front of the machine features three of the world’s favorite princesses including Arial, from “The Little Mermaid”, Moana, from the hit animated film “Moana”, and Rapunzel, from the movie “Tangled”.

Portability: The Disney Princess Portable Karaoke Machine is lightweight making it ideal for any age of child. The small size makes it easy to bring with you on the go. The machine features a microphone with a five foot cord to allow you to fully perform your song without being tied to the machine or needing to carry it with you as you sing.

Bluetooth Capability: Don’t have the song you are looking for stored in your machine’s memory? Never fear! This karaoke machine can connect to any device via bluetooth to allow you access to any song at any time.

Memory: The Disney Princess Portable Karaoke Machine can not only connect to your phone, computer, or tablet via bluetooth, it also features hours of MP3 memory! Use the USB port to connect to any device and transfer your favorite MP3s to the machine for later use. There is memory on this machine for literally thousands of stored songs. Enjoy hours upon hours of karaoke entertainment.

USB Port: The USB port in this product serves several important purposes. The first purpose of the USB port is to charge the device. The Disney Princess Portable Karaoke Machine comes with rechargeable batteries that are easily recharged by simply plugging the karaoke machine into a power source via the USB charging port.

The second important purpose of the USB charging port serves is to allow you to quickly and conveniently import your choice of music to be stored on the machine for later use. Though the machine does feature bluetooth capabilities, it also features enough built in memory for you to store hours of your own music. Upload and store thousands of songs for your little ones to sing along with when your device is not available for bluetooth purposes.

Microphone: This karaoke machine comes with a real microphone! The microphone features a five foot long cord that is plugged into the back of the machine. The microphone produces clear, amplified sound. Some delay in the voice is to be expected with this type of product.

Light Show: As if all of the other features of this karaoke machine were not enough, it comes with a fully functional LED light show! A hit at sleepovers, birthday parties, and family fun nights, these multicolored LED lights are sure to impress!

Original Retail $59.99
UPC 0092298945231
Brand eKids

DE-553v9M Disney Descendants Bluetooth Portable MP3 Disney Karaoke Machine with Light Show and Hours of Music Memory

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4.5 out of 5 stars

This vibrant purple and black portable karaoke machine is both beautiful and highly functional. The Descendants Bluetooth Portable Karaoke Machine features your favorite Descendants characters on the front of the machine with the text: No Rest For The Fabulous, scrolled on the picture.

Portability:  This karaoke machine is extremely light weight and the perfect size for travel and easy storage. The microphone is attached to the machine, so you never need to worry about losing any attachments.

Bluetooth Capability: The Descendants Bluetooth Portable Karaoke Machine features outstanding bluetooth capabilities. Easily connect to any device that is enabled with bluetooth to steam your favorite content straight to your karaoke machine.

Memory:  This product has hours of built in memory. You can use the USB port to download your favorite content onto the karaoke machine to be used at any time. The Descendants Bluetooth Portable Karaoke Machine allows you to download, literally, thousands of songs for your performing pleasure.

USB Port: This karaoke machine has a USB port through which you can download all of your favorite songs to be stored in the machine’s built in memory. The USB port also allows you to easily charge your karaoke machine by plugging into a USB power source. The product comes complete with rechargeable batteries that will recharge themselves through the USB port. The USB cord is included with the product.

Microphone: This karaoke machine comes with a real microphone. The microphone is permanently attached to the back of the machine through a two and a half foot cord.

Light Show: The Disney Descendents Portable Karaoke Machine features blue and pink LED lights. The lights put on a show while the music plays. This product is sure to be a hit at parties and family fun nights alike!

Original Retail $59.99
UPC 00092298945446
Model DE-553v9M
Brand eKids
SKU DE-553v9M

Toy Story 4 550 Bluetooth Portable MP3 Disney Karaoke Machine Bluetooth with 16 Hours of Music Memory

Price Check Amazon

4.5 out of 5 stars

While the eKids 550 Toy Story 4 Disney Karaoke Machine may be a bit more limited that the previous 2 machines, this is the best Toy Story 4-themed machine we could find.

Portability: This karaoke machine offers the ultimate in portability and storage. A small, lightweight device, it is ideal for smaller children. The karaoke machine comes with a clip on the side of the machine with which to store the microphone, so that there will be no lost pieces.

Bluetooth Capability: The Toy Story 4 Portable Karaoke Machine comes with outstanding bluetooth capabilities. Simply connect to any device that has bluetooth capabilities and stream your favorite content straight through the machine!

Memory: This device is enabled with one gigabyte of memory. This means that you can download all of your favorite songs onto the machine to be used at any time in the future. This is enough memory for over two hundred songs. Enjoy hours of your custom chosen music.

USB Port: This karaoke machine features a USB port through which you can connect to any phone, computer, or tablet with USB compatibility. The machine has ample storage for hours of your own content that can be downloaded onto your machine from another device. The USB port also serves as a means to charging up the rechargeable batteries that are included with the product.

Microphone: The Toy Story 4 Portable Karaoke Machine comes with a real microphone. The microphone is attached to the back of the machine and offers ample cordage for you to be able to perform while holding the machine.

Other Features: This machine offers another fantastic feature that is not included on all portable karaoke machines. This machine features a headphone jack that allows your little one to enjoy listening to their stored music at any time and in any setting.

Original Retail $49.99
Model 550
Brand eKids
SKU 550

Moana Digital Recording Studio Dual Microphone Disney Karaoke Machine

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4 out of 5 stars

The Moana Digital Recording Studio offers several unique features that allow you to do more than sing and speak into the microphone. This product is fun and beautiful alike. It is a lovely blue and pink with a flower fixed to the top. Enjoy clear pictures of Moana and her animal friends on the front of the machine and speaker.

Portability: This is a lightweight and sturdy device. Customer reviews state that it has held up nicely to rough play from young children. This is a karaoke machine that could easily travel with you and be stored nicely in a child’s room.

Bluetooth Capability: The recording studio does not have bluetooth capabilities. Rather, it has an auxiliary input to allow you to transfer and play music from any device that can be connected with an auxiliary cord.

Memory: The Moana Digital Recording Studio is more than a portable karaoke machine. It is a complete digital recording studio! The device features forty minutes of memory space for your own creations. The machine is capable of storing up to ten different audio files that you have created yourself!

USB Port: This device does not have a USB port. Rather, it features an auxiliary input to allow connection to any device. Without the USB port, there are also no charging capabilities on this device. The karaoke machine comes with three AAA batteries for your convenience.

Microphone: This karaoke machine has two microphones! The microphones are wired to the machine with a one meter cord so that you need not worry about losing parts. There are clips on each side of the karaoke machine in which to attach your microphones for easy storage. Enjoy karaoke parties and singing duets with family and friends.

Light Show: This portable karaoke machine comes complete with a built in light show. The bright LED lights will perform a light show for you while your perform karaoke hits streamed from another device or your own tracks recorded with your recording studio.

Recording Features: The Moana Digital Recording Studio has additional features that are not typically found in other karaoke machines. This karaoke machine comes with built in vocal effects and variable echo control that will allow you to record professional sounding vocal tracks. Because of the many features that this device offers, there are also more buttons and controls to learn to use.

Original Retail $59.99
UPC 00092298941752
Brand eKids

FR-115.EMV9M Frozen 2 Sing Along Disney Boombox with Microphone, Built-in Music and Flashing Lights

4 out of 5 stars

The Frozen 2 Sing Along Boombox is a great choice for younger performers and comes with fantastic, kid friendly features. The blue, icelike top turns into a lightshow while you sing. This karaoke machine also features a fun image of your favorite Frozen characters on the front of the machine.

This small and lightweight option is easy for children to carry while they perform. The built in microphone feature is great for younger performers as it will not detach accidentally as they are performing. Large, intuitive, and kid friendly buttons on the front of the machine making it easy to learn to use quickly so that you can get right to the fun stuff!

Memory: This device does not include any built in memory for your own music, however, it does come preloaded with multiple Disney songs for your listening and performing pleasure!

USB Port: This device does not have a USB Port. Instead, it features an Auxiliary Input. This means that you can connect any device that uses an auxiliary cord in order to play music from your device through the karaoke machine. This karaoke machine does not come with rechargeable batteries, but does include three triple A batteries.

Microphone: This product comes with a built in, real microphone! The microphone is attached to the product with a two and a half foot cord. This microphone cannot be detached from the machine, but is easily attached to the back of the machine for convenient storage.

The microphone features an on and off switch. This means that you can sing along with the music without amplifying your voice, as well as amplifying your voice without the music playing.

Light Show: This karaoke machine features several flashing lights that flash along with the music as you sing. Enjoy as you sing, or as a fun party feature.

Original Retail $29.99
UPC 00092298943466
Model FR-115.EMV9M
Brand iHome