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Are you looking for the best Ceiling Fan Light Kits? Not sure where to start? You've come to the right place. Our team of experts reviewed the top ceiling fan light kits, and have posted our top picks below.

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Ceiling Fan Light Kits Overview

As the weather is getting hotter and no one wants to pay to have an air conditioning unit installed, let alone the thousands that a central air conditioning system costs, why not try the customizable designs that so many ceiling fans offer. Ceiling fans are part of your home that add beauty as well as function and can even save you money in the long run when compared to air conditioning units or even when used with them to spread the cool air throughout your house. A ceiling fan is definitely something that can be done yourself and do-it-yourselfers will need to weigh the different designs and functions of the ceiling fan kits that are available to make sure that the air circulation and size are appropriate for their home project. 

Some questions to ask are: do I want my fan to sit against the ceiling? Do I want it to hang lower with downrods? And is there a slope to the ceiling where the fan will be installed? All of these options mean that you will need to order specialized kits that fit your space correctly and provide you and your family with optimal air circulation, dependability, as well as beauty in design and craftsmanship. Regulations require a 7-foot clearance from floor to ceiling fan, and most rooms that have 8-foot ceilings or lower will require either a ceiling fan kit that hugs the ceiling or has a very short downrod. Obviously, larger rooms can use longer downrods, while sloped ceilings will need to be installed with downrods that can rotate and allow for the fan to oscillate while maintaining level integrity. 

As with all other electrical DIY’s, we suggest consulting a professional contractor or even better, an electrician to make sure that the ceiling fan kit you install is sound and working correctly. You will want to turn the power off to the section of the house or building where the fan is being installed and wear non-conductive gloves for the installation. After the safety precautions are considered and you can plan out the install properly with professional advice, the design of the fan is needed. Although the style of hanging the fan is important, there are also other factors.

Here are the best Ceiling Fan Light Kits:

1. Best Compact Design: Parrot Uncle 46-Inch Industrial Ceiling Fan with Light

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4.5 out of 5 stars

Parrot Uncle 46-Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Review

With the look and feel of wood and metal materials that look like they are right out of an island getaway or pirate movie, the Parrot Uncle Ceiling Fan Kit is a 46-inch fan with huge, industrial-strength air circulation. The retractable blades can be adjusted based on the setting and are curved for an aesthetic appeal to this flashy ceiling fan. Everything about this ceiling fan kit says vintage and unique as the curved large blades look like actual pirate swords, the lights are specialized Edison bulbs that are not included in the kit, and the brushed dark metal cage around the lights looks like it was meant to keep a barroom lighting safe from rowdy brawlers. 

Along with the beautiful design of the Parrot Uncle 46 inch ceiling fan is the remote that comes with this kit. The remote allows for lights to be turned on and off as well as to cycle through the several settings of fan speeds safely and comfortably from the palm of your hand. Additionally, the Parro Uncle Ceiling Fan Kit comes with two downrods at various lengths and one is available for slanted ceilings. 

The 12-month guarantee helps you sleep easy at night knowing that the installed ceiling fan kit is covered for a good amount of time and the company Eileen Grays LLC has lifetime customer service to help you out if you ever need repairs. All in all, this is a beautiful and unique ceiling fan kit with lovely Edison lights that would spruce up a den or could be the centerpiece as a chandelier in the dining room. Use the remote to slow or speed the fan and watch as your Parrot Uncle becomes a talking point with its pirate-esque appearance and sleek design.

Original Retail $298
Model F4503
Brand Parrot Uncle

2. Best For Smaller Rooms: Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-in Oil-Rubbed bronze Integrated LED Indoor Flush Mount Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote (3-Blade)

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4.5 out of 5 stars

Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-in Oil-Rubbed bronze Flush Mount Ceiling Fan Review

The integration of the oil rubbed bronze and the wooden blades speak volumes of class with a stylistic design from the Mazon 44 inch ceiling fan kit. Made for the indoors, this beautiful ceiling mount kit is made to sit flush against the ceiling and is appropriate for low ceiling heights. 

The Mazon 44 inch Oil-Rubbed bronze Ceiling fan kit also comes with an integrated LED light kit that is much easier to replace than other more expensive lighting designs and still adds to the ambiance and functionality of having a light installed in the electric fan above. This is a compact design for a ceiling fan kit and the 3-blade design is meant for smaller rooms. The 18 watts integrated light design sits behind frosted glass and is easily adjusted with the remote, which is included in this ceiling fan kit. The remote can be placed in a wall cradle for easy storing and access and the opal lighting can be accessed by the remote from the palm of your hand. The pitch of the blades of this Mazon 44 in ceiling fan kit is designed for optimal air movement and circulation, so even low settings are suitable for indoor use up to 225 square feet. 

This has modern style metal decor with its dark and mellow colors and simplistic three-blade design ornamented softly with the opal lighting as a centerpiece that both works functionally as a great light and aesthetically as an integrated design option for modern enthusiasts. Because of its simple and wall-hugging design, this ceiling fan kit is one of the more simple ones to install and the integrated LED lighting makes it a snap to put up without much fussing with additional chandelier components. 

All in all, this is a great fan for the price and is a moderately easy DIY install for anyone looking to up the lighting and fan decor in their home or small room.

Original Retail $130
UPC 00836071007255
Model 00729
Brand Harbor Breeze
SKU 00725

3. Best App-Enabled: Fanimation Ascension 54 inch Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan Kit - FP6717BN-220

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4.4 out of 5 stars

Fanimation Ascension FP6717BN-220 54-inch Brushed Nickel Fan Review

Fanimation ascension ceiling fan kit is one of the most beautifully simple fan kits on the market with functions that one would need and looks that are not overpowering, but subtle and strong. Brushed nickel looks great within industrial settings or restaurants with outdoor seating. The farmhouse with a modern touch is what you get with this Fanimation Ascension FP6717BN High Power Ceiling Fan Kit. The high power, high capacity ceiling fan setting, and blade spinning output make this ceiling fan kit suitable for large rooms, indoor or even outdoor, because it can move 6659 cubic feet of air per minute. The 54-inch blades blend in nickel-brushed design along with everything else on the ceiling fan kit and add a slick edge to the ceiling of your room. 

The downdraft in summer months and updraft in winter months makes the reversible motor valuable and since it is surprisingly quiet with its three speeds, you are given the versatility and dependability to air out space or pull cool air in as the occasion will need it. The three-speed wall control makes this an accessible and nice fan for central movement of air and choice of function at the touch of a button. But this ceiling fan kit is also available to be added to fanSync technology and accessed directly from the app on a smartphone or device, ideal for entertaining or quickly changing conditions in a restaurant or business. 

Not only can you get the ceiling fan kit in brushed nickel, but it is also available in matte white, giving the impression that its manufacturers understand the need for fit and functionality of a ceiling fan. With the clean and unobtrusive design and relatively low purchase price for a ceiling fan kit with so much to offer, the Fanimation Ascension is a dream for an entertaining space or business where versatility and functionality need to wed perfectly with style and grace.

Original Retail $265
UPC 00783325950655
Model FP6717BN
Brand Fanimation Ascension

4. Best Vintage-Looking: Hunter 20431 Beacon Hill Three-Light 42-Inch 5-Blade Ceiling Fan, Brushed Nickel w/ Frosted Globes

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4.2 out of 5 stars

Hunter 20431 Beacon Hill Three-Light 42-Inch Ceiling Fan Reviews

The Hunter 20431 Beacon Hill is a classic three-light ceiling fan kit that comes with all the bells and whistles in an elegant product for a reasonable price. The 42-inch five-blade ceiling fan is powerful enough for larger rooms and has a wooden appeal to the vintage aesthetic. Also, the brushed nickel metal components coupled with the wooden blades are understated and seem to stand out in an understated way. The frost globes add elegance to this ceiling fan kit which can be easily changed when a light bulb goes out and are bright and cheery lights for entertaining spaces and large rooms. 

The three-position mounting system allows for low or high ceiling installation with short or long downrods and can even be hung from a slanted ceiling with the downrod that pivots. Finally, the light kit can be optional as it can be removed in the installation of this ceiling fan kit. The overall price of this ceiling fan kit is on the lower end, but you get all of the finer points of the more expensive models. The homey design is warm and comforting and the 3-speed fan settings and reversible motor are all that you would need for a home setting for this ceiling fan. The WhisperWind motor makes sure that this ceiling fan kit can even be installed in a bedroom above sleeping persons without the worry that they will be woken up by hurricane-force wind noises. 

Beacon Hill also prides itself on being Energy Efficient, saving you money and saving energy in general, so you can rest assured that whichever one of their products that you purchase it will be highly energy efficient. With this comfortable ceiling fan kit, you get all the savings and functionality of other higher-end ceiling fan kits without sacrificing a lot of money. If the design is to your taste, this is the ceiling fan kit for you!

Original Retail $150
Brand Hunter
SKU 20431

5. Best Overall: Hunter 59244 Dempsey 44-inch Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Remote Control, White

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4.2 out of 5 stars

Hunter 59244 Dempsey 44-inch Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan Review

What a beauty! The elegant and sleek modern design with soft edges and integrated LED light make this low profile Hunter indoor Ceiling Fan Kit a lovely addition to any room in your home or business. Along with the sleek design is the functionality of having a remote control to change the settings of the 3 fan speeds, the dimming of the central frosted glass-encased LED light fixture, and the reversible motor to change directions of the fan air. 

This fan is for indoor use only and is great for the low ceiling that needs a ceiling hugging fan kit installation. The whisper wind motor delivers superior 69 cubic feet of air movement a minute per watt with the silence that can be used over the heads of even the fussiest and lightest sleepers. Hunter has been making fans since 1886 and their motors have a limited lifetime warranty. They also pride themselves on making energy-efficient devices, so you will be saving even more money on the small amount of electricity that it will take to power your ceiling fan. 

This elegant fan is a lifestyle accent that can be installed in any room of your home and immediately starts to add reliable cooling with aesthetic beauty. The Hunter company stands at the forefront of the ceiling fan industry and technology, so their products are generally very reliable and they have great customer service. Along with the dependability and beauty of their fans, such as this Dempsey 44-inch white ceiling fan kit, is the great price that these fans go for, making them in the middle of the pack for the price while meeting or excelling all functional attributes that other fans can offer.

It is highly suggested that you check out this product and compare it to the others in this list at a price point to get an idea of the value you will be getting for an indoor fan.

Original Retail $150
UPC 00049694592446
Model 59244
Brand Hunter

Ceiling Fan Light Kits FAQs

What is the Best Number of Blades for a Ceiling Fan, 4 or 5?

Some people claim the increased amount of blades on a fan will increase the amount of air circulation in the room. However, the truth is that the difference between installing a fan with 4 blades versus 5 blades is very small and mostly boils down to the looks it will create in a room. Aesthetic choice and style play a more important role in deciding on a ceiling fan kit with 4 blades or 5 blades. 

Are There Remotes For Ceiling Fans?

Some ceiling fan kits come with pull cords that cycle through the various settings. However, a more advanced option is to have a remote that works the various speed options for your ceiling fan. Some ceiling fan kits offer remote controls that can sit on the bedside table for easy access while others have remotes with all the controls built into a wall mount connected to the ceiling fan. Many of the newer and more expensive models offer smart sync technology which can be accessed using the app that comes with the ceil fan kit and can be used with your smartphone or tablet. 

Should I Install a Light with My Ceiling Fan Kit?

Many ceiling fan kits come with light fixtures and these can be designed for low and ambient lighting, to full force reading and living room lights. Some function as one set and others have 3-way lights able to be installed while still others have fade options to create that perfect mood in the bedroom. The number and size of the lights, depending on the look you are going for, does not add much more DIY installation in the steps of a ceiling fan kit process.