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Are you looking for the best Brita Water Pitcher? Not sure where to start? You've come to the right place. Our team of experts reviewed the top Brita pitchers and have posted the top options below. For additional guidance on what to look for when buying a Brita Filtered Water Pitcher, please see our Brita Pitcher buying guide below.

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Brita Water Pitchers Overview

You’re here because you drink water. Okay, so does everybody else, but you want to do so economically and eco-consciously. It is undeniable that water should be consumed every day, so it makes sense that you would like to do so in a way the benefits both you and the Earth. Enter Brita.

Why use a Brita Pitcher

In the past, you had two options for water consumption; bottled or tap. Buying bottled water can get expensive and leads to unnecessary waste—much of which ends up polluting Earth. Tap water simply does not taste as good and has the potential to pump harmful contaminants into your system. Brita filters and pitchers allow consumers to safely drink tap water for a nominal price, all the while reducing plastic usage. Brita jugs are BPA-free and their filters recyclable—welcome news to those concerned about environmental impact.

We won’t waste your time giving you the most in-depth breakdown of how Brita products work. We are not qualified for that and it’s been done a thousand times elsewhere. Instead, we’ll give you a bare-bones explanation so that you can start to see the benefits—any other information you’re looking for will have to come via secondary research. Given the amount of attention filtered water has gotten over the years, you’ll have no problem finding a wealth of information.

How a Brita water filter works

Brita filters utilize two main filtering substances: activated carbon and ion-exchange resin. Carbon helps to improve the taste by removing substances that have been known to have adverse effects on taste. Ion-exchange resin is responsible for reducing the hardness of water and removing lead and other elements. Together, they filter out substances that could have a negative impact on your health, all the while coming together to produce something that tastes better than traditional tap water.

Why drink filtered water

You’ve drunk tap water for years and never found anything too wrong with it. The problem with your rationale is that the water might not look any different than filtered water, and you could have adjusted to the taste over the years. The EPA oversees and monitors water quality in American municipalities to ensure that is safe to drink. Disclaimer: just because something is “safe” to drink doesn’t mean it is the “safest.” In most places, testing regularly takes place and a report is released each year—this report later becomes public information and you can see what’s in the water you drink, bathe in, and use for countless other things every day. 

Once you read the report and Google half the things in it, we have a feeling you’re going to immediately start searching for ways to get these contaminants out of your system. Besides elements in your public water supply, it is possible for water to pick up additional substances in your pipes or somewhere else on the way to your faucet. Below, we take a look at some top Brita pitchers that will help you combat these issues and give you a safe, low-cost method for securing a healthy water supply.

Here are the best Brita pitchers:

1. Best Large Capacity: Brita 18-Cup UltraMax Water Dispenser with 1 Filter, BPA Free, Gray, Extra Large

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4.5 out of 5 stars

Brita 18-Cup UltraMax Water Dispenser Review

The Brita 18-Cup UltraMax Water Dispenser holds just over a gallon of water at a time and measures: Height 10.47″; Width 5.67″; Length/Depth 14.37″. It is larger than most Brita pitchers but plays a slightly different role since it is a dispenser and not meant to be poured.

On the side is a feature that allows you to “set” a reminder to replace the filter. As you place a new filter in, you let the dispenser know if it is standard or a Longlast, and it will provide an eventual indicator that time is up.

Given the large size of this dispenser, it could become a permanent fixture on a countertop, in addition to residing in the fridge. Just like when you install an appliance, you should measure available space to make sure that this dispenser will fit properly in your home. Since the spigot is at the bottom of the dispenser, you’ll need to accommodate the design with some additional space by hanging it over the edge so that a bottle or glass can be placed under it. 

The design itself is part of why this dispenser makes for an optimal countertop unit and would fit great in a breakroom. Beware that with it placed on the counter, you might need to have ice nearby. If you’re an employer and want to provide your workers with a good-tasting water option without paying for a subscription service that delivers larger jugs, this could be the way to go. Like with anything, having a rotation of employees responsible for refilling it as the day goes on will likely solve some eventual problems.

With more than 2,000 customer reviews available online, the Brita 18 Cup UltraMax Water Dispenser owns an overall score of 4.6 stars. 

Original Retail $30
UPC 00060258350340
Model Ultramax
Brand Brita
SKU 35034

2. Best Compact Pitcher: Brita 5-Cup Metro Pitcher with 1 Filter

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4.5 out of 5 stars

Brita 5-Cup Metro Pitcher Review

The Brita Metro Pitcher is a stylish option that unlike most Brita products is offered in a few different colors. With this option, you’ll have the choice of White, Turquoise, or Red. This is the smallest option on our list with a capacity of just 5 cups.

Despite the limited pitcher space, it offers additional versatility because of its diminutive frame. Its dimensions are: Height 9.8; Width 4.45; Length/Depth 9.37 and in many cases, this is small enough to fit into a mini-fridge—a dorm room delight. Most college students (and parents) know that it is often difficult to keep a reserve of clean drinking water available while living in this setting. Thanks to the design of the Metro Pitcher, you’ll be able to refill from various sinks and water fountains with clean and safe water.

Holding this pitcher by the handle creates a comfortable experience and given its ergonomic design, it would be pretty difficult to drop it while pouring. Speaking of pouring, the lid locks in and will never come loose. Be aware that the pouring spout is uncovered and thus it is possible to spill if you are not paying attention. Right on the top of the pitcher is an electronic panel that monitors filter quality and provides an indicator so that you will never be using an outdated filter.

After an astounding number of reviews for the Brita Metro Pitcher, nearly 6,400, it touts an impressive 4.6-star overall rating. Speaking of 4.6, this rating also represents Flavor, Easy to Use, and Ergonomic.

Original Retail $20
UPC 00060258360943
Model Metro
Brand Brita

3. Best Basic Pitcher: Brita 10-Cup Everyday Water Pitcher

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4.5 out of 5 stars

Brita 10-Cup Everyday Water Pitcher Review

The Brita Everyday Water Pitcher is a large, easy to carry option for at-home water filtration. Its dimensions are: Height 10.47; Width 5.59; Length/Depth 10.94.

At a 10-cup capacity, you’ll be able to drink a sufficient amount of water each day without ever having to refill your pitcher. Having cold water available for the entire day is as simple as filling the pitcher to capacity the night before. This is a critical process to stick with as anyone who has owned a Brita for more than a few weeks has gotten stuck going to fill their pitcher up only to find it empty. In these situations, you’re going to end up drinking water that isn’t very cold, on top of having to wait for it to filter through.

Rather than an electronic indicator, the Brita Everyday Water Pitcher goes a bit old school with a sticker that helps you count out a few months from the time you installed a new filter so that you are reminded to replace it. This calendar system relies on drinking a standard amount of water, however, if you are aware that you drink more than most people, it’s a good idea to think about replacing the filter before you get to the requisite two months.

With nearly 5,000 customer reviews submitted for the Brita Everyday Water Pitcher, it would be pretty tough for the scales to tip very far, one way or the other. Its overall rating sits at 4.4 stars with a bevy of features polling not far off. At the top of the charts, 4.6 stars, is Easy to Assemble and Value for Money. 

Original Retail $30
UPC 00060258355093
Model Everyday
Brand Brita
SKU 35509

4. Best Ease-of-Use: Brita 10-Cup Stream Filter-As-You-Pour, BPA Free Hydro Water Pitcher

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4.5 out of 5 stars

Brita 10-Cup Stream Filter-As-You-Pour Pitcher Review

The Brita Stream Filter-As-You-Pour is a 10-cup pitcher that utilizes a different filtration system than most people are used to, filtering water as it is poured into a cup, rather than as it goes into the pitcher. Its dimensions are: Height 10.75″; Width 5.63″; Length/Depth 10”.

Because of the stream filter, this pitcher fills faster than other Brita products and you can get it done in one shot. Instead of having to fill the top chamber with water, wait for it to go through, and then repeat the process to entirely fill the pitcher, the process is as simple as filling a glass from the sink.

What makes it difficult for some to use this type of filter is that all filtration happens as you pour. Given the work your filter has to do, the pour is a much slower process and with a full pitcher, and could be a bit straining on your arm and wrist. If you find yourself in a rush when pouring, you may want to opt for a more traditional filter. If you enjoy the luxury of being able to only have to sit by the sink for a few moments to fill your pitcher, a stream filter is just for you.

Despite a smaller sample size to draw from, we’re fairly certain that the nearly 450 customer reviews do a sufficient job painting a picture of what it’s like to own the Brita Stream Filter-As-You-Pour Pitcher. For an overall rating, we have 4.4 stars, but the features are what makes this pitcher worthy of being on our list. At 4.7 stars are Durability and Easy to Assemble, two features which mean the product is easily maintained and will last for a long time. Digging a little deeper, Flavor and Easy to Clean sit at 4.6 stars, further solidifying its great reputation.

Original Retail $35
UPC 10060258362401
Model Filter-as-You-Pour
Brand Brita

5. Most Secure: Brita 10-Cup Monterey Water Pitcher

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4 out of 5 stars

Brita 10-Cup Monterey Water Pitcher Review

Taking it back to the shape of a traditional pitcher, the Brita Monterey Pitcher has a 10-cup capacity and comes in a variety of colors. When you purchase this model, you’ll also be picking from a Black, Blue, Green, or White base and handle. To no one’s surprise, the rest of the pitcher is clear.

On the piece where you pour water, there is an electronic indicator that helps you monitor when your filter should be replaced. As a larger pitcher, its dimensions are: Height 11″; Width 6.1″; Length/Depth 10.9″.

We find this to be one of the most secure options offered by Brita thanks to a covered spout. As you pour, gravity will open the top piece enough to disperse water, but it gives you more freedom to control stream power. Additionally, this cover prevents anything from falling into your pitcher if you’re using it outside.

In just over a year, the Brita Monterey Pitcher has built up almost 1000 customer reviews. For an overall score, consumers around the world have given this pitcher a roughly 4.3-star overall rating. What water drinkers will like most about the feedback on features is that Flavor is number one, polling at 4.6 stars. For many people, this is exactly why you chose to start filtering your water, and seeing flavor sitting a cut above the other features reassures you that you’re making the right decision. Just down the list is Easy to Use, Ergonomic, and Easy to Clean, all of which are rated 4.4 stars.

Original Retail $40
UPC 00060258363043
Model Monterey
Brand Brita
SKU 36304

Brita Pitcher Buying Guide

Now that you’ve read through some Brita Pitcher reviews, you’re probably starting to realize that a lot more goes into this type of water consumption than initially meets the eye. Like we mentioned in our intro, there’s plenty of science behind Brita’s unassuming filters and pitchers, and if you want to understand it fully, you’re going to have to do some more research. While we aren’t experts in water filtration, we’ve included some helpful info and tips to take in before jumping into the water filtration world.

Know Your Filter (and what it’s doing)

You’re going to come across a few different filter types when shopping through our list, so we thought it appropriate to give a little more shine to what each of them does. By no means is this an exhaustive list of Brita products, but instead, just the ones designed for the pitchers in our guide.

Standard Filter

The most commonly used filter, it can be characterized by its white color. With the Standard filter, water passes through a mesh screen and then through a layer of carbon. At this point, the filter reduces mercury and chlorine taste and odor. Around the same time, the ion exchange resin targets copper, zinc, and cadmium.

Longlast Filter

Though the name gives it away, the Longlast filter is designed to last longer than other filters—up to 120 gallons. By comparison, it is easy to identify a Longlast filter by its Blue color, compared to the Standard White filters. Longlast filters fit in all Brita pitchers, with the exception of Stream and Infinity pitchers.

Stream Filters

Rather than filter the water as it goes into the pitcher, Stream filters work as your pour. As with all Brita filters, it utilizes activated carbon to reduce chlorine taste and odor.

Be Prepared to Change Your Filter (or else)

It is imperative to stock up on filters. Should you notice the effectiveness of your filter declining (taste, look, etc.), and you do not have a replacement filter handy, you are going to end up buying bottled water or drinking unfiltered tap water. If you elect to continue using an ineffective filter, you may be adding further contaminants and bacteria to your water, given that things could start to grow inside your filter given its moist environment.

These two filter-less options you’ll have are the exact thing you set out to avoid when you made the decision to embrace the Brita lifestyle. One will cost you extra money (and will add up quickly); the other leads you to pumping in the harmful substances you have been avoiding courtesy of a working filter.

Money on the Mind

We’ve already cleared up that I’m not a Scientist and I’m definitely not a Mathematician either. What I do know, is that using a Brita pitcher instead of buying bottled water will put a good chunk of change back into your pocket.

There are about 7.5 bottles worth of water in every gallon. If a filter is good for 40 gallons, that comes out to roughly 300 bottles. Even at a dollar per bottle (it’s more expensive if you aren’t buying at a grocery store or by the case), buying a filter can cost as little as 10% of what it would take to buy that many individual bottles of water. Given that you’re supposed to drink 8 glasses a day, the most cost-effective way to get to the recommended intake is by refilling the same (hopefully reusable and not plastic) bottle.

For an even better price breakdown and comparison, Brita’s website has numbers broken down more specifically (and scientifically). Besides looking at just water bottles, they’ve been able to provide a snapshot of price savings for those that use their pitcher, bottle, and faucet filters compared to buying and drinking only bottled water.