For A Limited Time, There’s An Amazing Deal On A 70″ LG 4K 2160p TV

$360 off the massive 70-inch LG UM7370PUA drops it from a quite expensive $1,200 to just $840.

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Last Updated on August 13, 2019 by Mark P.

Your everyday, average American viewer spends about 5 hours a day watching TV. That of course end up being about 35 hours a week on average, which is a lot of time.  Whether or not you actually spend that much time in front of a screen yourself, the fact remains; why spend time in front of an aging, old TV when you could spend that time in front of a much clearer, more crystalline picture? But of course, those types of TVs are quite expensive, so you would probably prefer to get one when they are on sale; such as the 70 inch LG TV that is available at a staggering $360 below its retail price at Walmart.

See Deal on LG 70″ Class 4K (2160P) Ultra HD Smart LED HDR TV at Walmart

This is probably due to Labor Day being so close, but regardless of why the discount has been made, the fact remains that this is a stellar deal. $360 off the massive 70-inch LG UM7370PUA drops it from a quite expensive $1,200 to just $840. Granted, that is still quite a lot of money, and not everyone has that much just lying around. Thankfully, you can still finance the reduced cost over the next 12 months, which works out to around $82 after local sales tax is factored in. $82 a month for 12 months isn’t at all bad for a massive, 70 inch TV that does 4K. It’s perfect for a living room and affordable if paid in that manner.

Of course, this isn’t the only TV like this on sale at Walmart right now: Vizio’s 70-inch V-Series is also on sale for $758. This is, obviously, cheaper than the LG model we’re talking about, but to be frank, LG is just slightly more reputable than Vizio. Not that Vizio is bad, but LG is generally considered a better brand with slightly better quality and extra capabilities. That being the case, you may want to pay the extra $70 or so for a TV that is moderately better. LG is quite sturdy and reliable after all, since they source and integrate all of their own components.

However, they both feature relatively similar capabilities, such as 4K upscaling, and multiformat HDR. But as stated before, LG does have moderately better stats and a reputation as a TV maker. But, if money is really the only thing you care about, you can definitely save $70 and get a TV that isn’t too much beneath the LG variant. Either way, these sales likely won’t last forever, so you should capitalize on the opportunity as quickly as possible.