Amazon Drops New Kindle With Adjustable Color Tone Feature

Amazon announced a new Kindle device — the Kindle Oasis — June 19 with an even better display. The device is currently available for pre-order and will drop July 24 for a price of $250.

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The new Kindle Oasis touts a 300 pixel-per-inch display with adjustable color front to change the color tones from warm to cool. The device comes with a new feature that allows users to schedule the screen to change tone with the sunrise and sunset. This allows for great reading at night that won’t hurt your eyes.

Features include a storage capacity of 8 or 32 G, 7-inch screen display, Bluetooth capability and more. The Verge reported that the Oasis is “virtually the same as the older model” meaning users get much of the same features as the second-generation kindle. With 8 GBs, readers can store thousands of books or more than 35 audio books and with 32 GBs, thousands of books or more than 160 audiobooks.

“The all-new Kindle Oasis includes everything customers loved from the previous generation, including the large 7-inch display, waterproofing, and Audible—and now we’re making it even better. We’re adding a color-adjustable front light so customers can read with a warmer tone that’s customizable to their preference to easily transition from daytime to nighttime reading,” said Kevin Keith, Vice President, Amazon Devices. “Kindle is designed to create a sanctuary reading experience, and the all-new Kindle Oasis exemplifies this—whether you’re reading poolside on vacation or in in the comfort of your bed.”

According to Amazon, the device comes with “e-ink” technology, a thin design for one-handed reading and new page turning buttons. The device is even waterproof to a certain extent in up to two meters of fresh water for around 60 minutes.

With the purchase of the Kindle Oasis, users can get six months of Kindle Unlimited free, giving them access to millions of eBooks, audiobooks, magazines and more. A Kindle Unlimited subscription goes for $9.99 per month.

According to Amazon, the device can charge fully within three hours, and a single charge can last up to six weeks, based on half-an-hour of reading per day.

The Kindle Oasis also has adjustable “text size and boldness and read with Kindle-exclusive fonts for maximum readability.”

“Whispersync lets you seamlessly switch between reading and listening on your Kindle and Kindle app without losing your (requires Wi-Fi or free cellular connectivity),” Amazon’s website states.

“Also available now are covers for the all-new Kindle Oasis—they opens like a book, automatically waking the device when opened, and putting it to sleep when closed,” Amazon wrote in a blog. “Choose from water-safe fabric covers, all $39.99, in Marine Blue, Punch Red or Charcoal; leather covers in Black or Merlot for $49.99; or a premium leather cover for $64.99.”

The All-new Kindle Oasis will be released on July 24th but is available for pre-order here.

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