Walmart Allows Alcoholic Beverage Grocery Pickup

At the end of October, Walmart announced more than 2,000 stores across 29 states would be able to purchase alcohol through the company’s Grocery Pickup.

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Walmart, the Bentonville, Arkansas-based grocery chain announced online that customers could choose from a variety of wine and beers — in accordance with state and local regulations — and pick them up with no hassle.

“No matter what’s on your shopping list, Walmart Grocery Pickup is helping our customers keep time in their busy schedules,” said Tom Ward, SVP, Digital Operations. “Now, without ever leaving their car, customers can pick up the perfect bottle of wine for dinner or beer for the big game. That’s something worth raising a glass to.”

For those wondering how the service will avoid underage sales, customers must verify their age at the time of pickup. Customers must bring a valid photo I.D. at time of pickup to verify that they are 21-years-old before getting the alcohol. Walmart also states that pickup times could be affected by state and local laws, depending on a customer’s location.
Additionally, Walmart announced it would offer delivery in two states: California and Florida, in areas where the services is available. The delivery service will be offered at more than 200 store locations across these states.

Walmart has risen to the delivery and online challenges Amazon has presented by adding new services like alcohol delivery and pickup. When Amazon offered one-day deliver to Prime Members, Walmart stepped up to the challenge. As Walmart grows to innovate its practices, more online-based shopping options are sure to come.

As of Oct. 15, the company added four more cities to its delivery lineup: Pisburgh, Kansas City (Missouri and Kansas), and Vero Beach. Customers can then purchase an InHome Walmart device to have groceries delivered right to their door. Additionally, a free professional installation for the lock is included. The cost of the service — introductory — in these areas is $19.95 per month for unlimited grocery deliveries (with a $30 minimum purchase).

A delivery associate uses the smart entrance to the customer’s home while wearing a camera to ensure proper conduct. Additionally, customers can watch the deliveries remotely while an associate is in their home.

Walmart stated in a release that it hopes to bring this service to more customers across the U.S. in the upcoming months. Amazon Prime has offered a similar service in suburban areas, offering free delivery with the Prime Membership from Whole Foods. As the Amazon/Walmart feud continues, consumers will see who will come out on top late into 2020.