Xbox Games With Gold For November 2020

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Last Updated on November 2, 2020 by Mark P.

Finally, Microsoft has gone ahead and revealed the next four games that Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be able to get. These many games span the breadth of three generations of Xbox consoles, and as long as you remain a subscriber to Gold, you’ll have access to all of them for free. Naturally, that means you’ll be locked out of playing them if your subscription ends.

First up is Aragami: Shadow Edition, which will be free for the entire month. Ordinarily, this Xbox One game would cost $25 to purchase, so you stand to save a good bit as a subscriber. The game has been made free already, so you can download it at your discretion.

Next up is Swimsanity, which will be available from November 16 through December 16. As for the original Xbox entry for this month, we’re getting the tactical warfare game Full Spectrum Warrior, free to download from November 1 through November 15. After that window of time is over, the shooter will be replaced by Lego Indiana Jones for the Xbox 360, which will be available until the end of November.

To what is probably surprise from many, the original Xbox game Full Spectrum Warrior may actually be the most noteworthy title this month. When it comes to underrated, amazing games from the original Xbox era, Full Spectrum Warrior is definitely on the list, blending real-time action and strategy to simulate military combat in a surprisingly realistic manner for its age. Even today, it still remains fairly unique as far as shooters go and getting it for free is a great way to appreciate some gems from the past.

As for the games that were available for October, you do actually still have a little bit of time to get them. That includes Slayaway Camp, Maid of Sker, and Costume Quest. Just keep in mind that you only have a few days into November to grab them, so act fast if you care to give them a try.

Just like all the games that come with a Gold subscription, all of these titles for November are playable on Xbox One, and they’ll also all be playable on the Xbox Series X/S when the new console is released, seeing as how they will support every single game the Xbox One can play, with the exception of Kinect titles.

Granted, the PS Plus lineup looks a little more impressive at first glance, seeing as how they are offering Bugsnax, a PS5 exclusive title for free to its subscribers. However, it pays to remember that the Xbox Series X/S will not have any exclusive titles for some time, meaning there is no game coming out for at least a year or two that will require you to own an Xbox Series X or S if you don’t want one or can’t afford it. For those players that want Bugsnax on the PlayStation side of things, they’ll have to get a PlayStation 5 in order to actually play it.


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