Last Updated on January 30, 2020 by Mark P.

As is tradition by now, Xbox Live Gold members get free games every month, and we now know what those games for February will be.

For Xbox One, players will have access to several games, including the multiplayer Fable Heroes, racing game TT Isle of Man, horror adventure game Call of Cthulhu and the original Xbox classic Star Wars Battlefront. Needless to say, this is a pretty hefty assortment of games with varied genres and appeal.

TT Isle of Man is a motocross racing game, which will be available for the entire month of February. Call of Cthulhu is, as one might imagine, a game based on Lovecraftian horror, and it will be available come February 16th. Both of these games are Xbox One titles; after all, of the four games every month, only two of them are Xbox One.

The other two are often split between Xbox 360 titles and original Xbox titles. The latter two are where Fable Heroes, a multiplayer spinoff of the popular trilogy, and the original Star Wars Battlefront come into play. Fable Heroes will be available at the beginning of February, while Battlefront will come with Call of Cthulhu on February 16th.

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However, the fact that these games will soon be available means that Gold members don’t have a lot of time left to get their hands on the free games from January. That means you have very little time left to get Lego Star Wars 2 and Styx: Shards of Darkness. As for Batman: The Telltale series, you have until February 15th to add that to your library.

Even if you don’t have Xbox Live Gold right now, you only have to buy a month’s worth of it if you want to get these games. So long as you have Gold you can download all of these games for free, regardless of when you chose to get Gold or for how long.

That said, if you are interested in any of these games, a small subscription is all it takes, so be sure to capitalize on this before the month ends. Although of course, there are free games every single month, so buying a longer subscription will net you significantly more game games over time.

With four games being made available every month, you can get approximately 48 free games a year, which is no small amount.