There Is Well And Truly A Functioning KFC Game Console: And It Keeps Your Chicken Warm

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Last Updated on December 31, 2020 by Mark P.

We would not blame anyone for thinking that the above statement is some sort of joke. However, we can absolutely assure that it is not. It may be hard to believe, but KFC has a game console now. Oh, and it keeps your chicken warm.

Actually, maybe it isn’t that hard to believe. KFC has been a great source of memes over these past few years, after all. A pretty wide array of celebrities have been portraying Colonel Sanders in commercials over the past few years, and on top of that, Mario Lopez even starred as the long-dead founder in a romance film that was on Lifetime. The KFC Gaming Twitter provided a few hints and teases in regards to a KFC-branded game console over the course of several months, and naturally, most everyone assumed that such a thing was a joke meant to generate social media attention. Well, it did do that, but at the same time, those tweets were dead serious.

It’s a game console that uses its own heat to keep your chicken warm, and according to Mark Walton, the guy who runs Intel, it is very much legitimate. He would know, since the console, dubbed the KFConsole (clever) is powered by Intel.

We actually know a fair deal about the system, as it is allegedly capable of 4K resolution and 240fps gameplay. We’re not sure why it would need to even be capable of such a high framerate, but who knows. Either way, this is a super-out-of-left-field thing that KFC has done.

The KFConsole makes use of a Cooler Master NC100 chassis and a Core i9 Intel Nuc 9 Extreme Computer Element. It also includes a swappable GPU slot, which allows you to customize and upgrade at your own discretion. On top of that, it even has a PCIe NVMe SSD and two Seagate Barracuda 1TB SSDs.

Even that’s not all. The KFConsole also has a chicken-warming compartment, which utilizes the heat produced by the console to keep your KFC chicken warm. We’re assuming you could fit some other food items in there too, which means we’ve finally advanced to the utopian future everybody thought we’d be living in forty years ago.

And even then, there’s more to be said. You can even use VR with this console from a fast-food chain. Why? Maybe so you can look at chicken while waiting for your chicken to heat up so you can enjoy chicken.

Frankly, this is all very impressive considering that it was branded by KFC of all places. Next thing you know McDonald’s is going to do the same, and we’ll have a totally new type of console war to worry about. There’s no confirmed price for the KFConsole yet, but judging by its admittedly impressive specs, we’re assuming that it’s not going to be cheap, which is also a tad odd considering its origins.