The Free February SNES and NES Games for Nintendo Switch Subscribers have been Revealed


Nintendo Switch has been getting free SNES and NES games added to its library for subscribers every month for quite some time, and now we finally know which free games are being added for February. There will be four in total, with the two NES games being Eliminator Boat Duel and Shadow of the Ninja. The two SNES games Smash Tennis and Pop’n TwinBee.

These games are being added to the libraries of the Nintendo Switch on February 19th. With their addition, the Switch will have 52 NES games and 26 SNES available, all as a free benefit to those who subscribe to the Switch’s online service.

These four games have a pretty wide variety of genres to offer to the Switch, ranging from action to sports and even a cute aesthetic shooter. Sure, the games are old (practically ancient by gaming standards), but there’s certainly no reason to frown on free games. Granted, they aren’t really free since you have to subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online to access them, but doing that costs a measly $4 a month, which isn’t much to ask in return for online services and roughly 80 free games to play in your free time.

Unlike other subscription services that do this same schtick on a monthly basis, getting four games at once is a pretty good situation for the Switch. That’s because the number of games we get monthly fluctuates from time to time, so four is a pretty good number. It is especially worth considering since the NES and SNES libraries for the Switch are still pretty scant and need as any additions to the roster as possible.

It’s also a great way to keep the legacy of games alive, since many people on the Switch right now would never have a chance to play these past games if not for these libraries. That being the case, the addition of four games in one month is really solid. Hopefully this pace will continue in following months, until one day we have the entirety of history’s SNES and NES games available. That may be a pipe dream of some sort, but it’s one worth hoping for. Thankfully, the 19th isn’t too terribly far away, and Switch Online subscribers won’t have to wait very long to get a chance to play the new games.