Star Wars: Squadrons Has Been Revealed Ahead Of Schedule Thanks To An Xbox Leak

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Last Updated on June 15, 2020 by Mark P.

Whether it was an accident or intentional, a leak from the official Xbox website has revealed a brand-new Star Wars game that is on its way, called Star Wars: Squadrons. Thanks to the leaks coming out all over the internet, Electronic Arts went ahead and announced the title officially. The announcement of this game was likely not far off anyway, as EA’s postponed Play event is only a few days away. The leak itself only showed art for the game and a pre-order banner, though that banner doesn’t currently lead to any active website.

With Rebel and Imperial pilots from the Galactic Civil War era of the Star Wars universe taking center stage, and of course, the title of ‘Squadrons,’ it’s pretty clear that this Star Wars game will almost certainly focus entirely on air and space combat, though whether or not it will only involve that era of the universe is unknown at this time.

Either way, this type of game will be a welcome addition to the Star Wars roster of titles, as the last all air/space focused Star Wars game was Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike, a game that is seventeen years old at this point. That said, other EA titles, such as the newer Battlefront games, have multiplayer space combat modes, but this isn’t the same as a dedicated air combat title.

It’s possible that this new game is the same one that was mentioned in an earlier leak on PSN this year, which was called Project Maverick. Reportedly, it was the same game that had been mentioned by Kotaku back in February, in which they said that EA Motive was supposedly working on a “smaller, more unusual” Star Wars title, which Squadrons definitely would be considering the last time an air combat game came out for the IP.

Perhaps realizing that there’s no way to stop the hype and curiosity now, EA has officially announced the game’s existence and are set to provide a lot more information about it. They’ll be doing this on the 15th at 8 AM PT/ 11 AM ET. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really tell us anything about the game right now, but it also means we won’t have to wait particularly long for the full reveal, which should include more than enough details to sate our curiosity, including whether or not this game will be available on the current console or only on the next generation, and hopefully a tenable release date, though that might be wishful thinking.

Either way, we only have to wait a few days to see exactly what Star Wars: Squadrons will entail, and hopefully the reveal will be a big one. With EA live service for Battlefront 2 having recently ended, this will mark the next major Star Wars title under EA’s leadership. Here’s hoping it gets off to a better start than the aforementioned title did.