Sony Will Apparently Reveal The Launch Titles For PS5 ‘Soon’

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Last Updated on May 25, 2020 by Mark P.

‘Soon’ is a word not many gamers like to hear. What is soon anyway? A week? A month? Corporations always seem to be as vague as possible when using this word, but at least it is better than getting no indication at all. It was during a corporate strategy meeting that Sony stated they would be revealing the lineup of games for the PS5 ‘soon.’

Like we said, what does soon even mean? There’s no indication, but considering that Sony has said they still plan to release the PS5 around Fall of this year, so it seems likely that we will get more specific details over the summer. Naturally, information like this would have normally been revealed during E3, but Sony chose to stay out of the event this year, even before the whole event itself got canceled by the Coronavirus business. Due to that, most publishers have had free reign to determine their own schedule for events, and some of Sony’s PR things got a bit scrambled due to the chaos.

It’s possible that Sony is looking to reveal the lineup soon due to the large impact COVID-19 has had on game sales lately. With many people still looking to entertain themselves in the comfort of their own homes, demand for video games has shot up quite a bit. According to information revealed in the same strategy meeting, PlayStation Plus subscriptions have topped 41.5 million, partly thanks to the virus situation, no doubt.

While we haven’t gotten any specific details on PS5 related games, avid gamers have gotten a look at a few of the next-generation console games thanks to an Inside Xbox presentation that covered some third-party games for the Xbox Series X a while back. Naturally, with those revealed games being third-party, most of them will probably be available on the PS5 as well. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a whole lot of actual gameplay footage during that reveal, which was a bit of a letdown. But shortly after, we did get a demonstration of what Unreal Engine 5 may be able to do on next-gen consoles, and it was pretty enlightening to see what type of cool mechanics and graphics we’ll get to enjoy in just under a year.

Either way, hopefully, we’ll be getting a lot more detail on the types of games that will be coming out on the PlayStation 5 during the summer. Of course, there’s no guarantee that the PlayStation 5 will still be released around Fall, even though Sony has stated that it is still the plan. So, for all we know, things could get pushed back at some point.

At any rate, we can probably count on the PS5 having new versions of games that are PlayStation exclusive titles already, though that’s not a whole lot to go on. It seems likely that PlayStation fighting games will get new titles on the next generation consoles sooner rather than later.