Some Xbox Series X Consoles Are Having Issues With Their Disk Drives

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Last Updated on November 14, 2020 by Mark P.

It’s never a good thing when hotly anticipated products have issues right around their release dates. Unfortunately, such is the situation for the Xbox Series X right now. Many players, having just gotten their hands on the brand-new console from Microsoft, have reported issues with the disk drive. Of course, this has been a point of much dissatisfaction: after all, one of the reasons the Xbox Series X is $200 more expensive than the Series S is because it has a disk drive while the S version does not. So needless to say, people who bought the Series X specifically for its disk drive are displeased with this problem if they have it.

Of course, some issues are to be expected when a console first comes out, because not everything can be caught before release day. It’s also not a universal problem that every one of the consoles is suffering from. However, the issue is pretty rough for those suffering from it.

The primary issue is disks getting stuck halfway into the disk drive. Gamers from across multiple social media platforms, from Twitter to Reddit, have posted videos and stories about this issue, with compatible disks from the 360, One, and X generation.

Some users have reported that they have had to use brute force to get their disks into the console, because the seal is pretty new and still quite stiff. That being said, while those users reported that they were able to play their disk games by doing this, we don’t really recommend brute-forcing your disks into your Xbox Series X, as it could cause damage to both. It’s better to get into contact with Microsoft support first.

Some other issues that have been reported include the console accepting disks but not actually loading their contents, or making very loud noises while installing games, but not at any other time. One extremely popular video showed the Series X making some awful noises, but it was later confirmed that it was the faulty disk he was using, not the console itself. Even so, other people have determined that even the fan may have some issues, as there have been some noises even without the disk drive in use, or being made by the Series S which has no disk drive at all.

Microsoft has yet to publicly make any sort of statement on the issues. It’s unknown if these issues are the fault of the design itself, or if it is a result of factory faults or shipping damage. Until more people get their hands on the console, there’s not really enough information to determine whether or not the issue can be blamed on Microsoft or not.

As of right now, if you are one of the people unlucky enough to be experiencing such issues, you can always try to open up the console and fix it yourself, but we’d suggest contacting support first, as trying to fix the console yourself may void its warranty.