Skate 4 Has Been Confirmed And Is On The Way

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Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by Mark P.

One day soon, gamers everywhere will finally be able to enjoy Skate 4: and it has certainly been a long time coming. EA revealed many things during EA Play, but one of the most unexpected by a long shot was the announcement of a new Skate game. This is in fact not a joke, even though it sounds quite unbelievable considering how long it has been since Skate 3.

Skate 4 was announced at the very end of EA Play Live, but while it’s great news in and of itself, it’s worth noting that the game is in its very early stages of development. Absolutely no footage of the game was released, and we also have no idea what consoles or platforms it will be released for. As a matter of act, even though we have labeled it as such right now, there’s actually no guarantee that the game itself is actually Skate 4. It is a Skate game, but it could just as easily be a title not associated with the main line of previous games. At this point in time, we just don’t know.  Taking all of that into consideration, it’s also pretty self-explanatory that we have no idea when the game will release or even a soft window for when that may happen. What we do know is pretty easily summed up in the statements and comments that were made during EA Play.

“We’re back, we’re doing it–Skate is happening,” creative director Cuz Parry said during the announcement.

Game director Deran Chung added, “We’ve been waiting years to make the right game, at the right time, with the right idea.” Chung cautioned that it’s “really, really early” for the new Skate game, so naturally, we can’t expect to be playing this game anytime soon whatsoever.

Parry expressed his gratitude to the fans for their patience and enthusiasm, even going so far as to say that the new Skate is happening because of the fan fervor for it. “You commented this into existence,” he said.

But while we know next to nothing about this new Skate game, there is one thing we can tell you, and that’s the fact that the last Skate game to be released was a whole ten years ago in 2010. Skate 3 was released back on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, so it’s understandable why fans have been begging for a new entry for so long: this newest Skate game will have skipped a whole generation of consoles over the past decade, and no one likes to wait that long for sequels to things they like.

It’s possible the revival of EA’s Skate series may have something to do with rival Activision reviving their own franchise, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, which is getting a remaster package later this year for the 1st and 2nd games that came out way back on the original PlayStation. But whether or not that’s true is speculation at best.