Predator: Hunting Grounds will get a Trial Weekend in March

The trial will begin on Friday March 27th at 8PM Eastern and ends on Sunday the 29th.

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Last Updated on March 13, 2020 by Mark P.

Beginning on March 27th and ending on the 29th, developer Illfonic will have a trial weekend for the soon to be released asymmetrical shooter, Predator: Hunting Grounds. The trial will be available for both Epic Games Store users and PS Plus members on the PS4, with cross-play between the two platforms being supported. As for downloading the actual trial, it will be available at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET / 4 PM GMT.

Predator: Hunting Grounds Gameplay Reveal

The asymmetric style of this shooter means you can play solo as a Predator, or in a team of three human soldiers. Naturally the two teams will be playing against one another. Prospective players already received some info on what it would be like to play as the Predator some time ago, with the developers revealing various classes and high-tech alien gadgets to use. However, only recently have players learned what it will be like to play as the humans.

Needless to say, the advantage goes to the Predator. While the humans may be armed with cutting edge, powerful weaponry and tools, they have a lot more to do than simply survive against the player-controlled Predator. They will also have objectives to complete in which they will have to face off against AI opponents: while being hunted by the opposing player, of course.

Illfonic has discussed their intent to emulate the suspense of the legendary 1987 film whenever the Predator attacks, so it is safe to say that they are aiming to create a truly tense experience. For the human players, a major part of the game is devising a strategy for survival: escape from the Predator at all costs, or attempt to survive by hunting it down? By using the environment and even the AI enemies, the human players may be able to turn the tide and even defeat the Predator. This type of strategic gameplay is exactly what Illfonic is hoping to promote among players.

While the trial weekend will be available in March, enthused players won’t have to wait too long to play the full game, as it is set to release on April 24th. That said, if many problems are discerned during the trial period, it is possible that the release date could be pushed back, if that much time is needed to fix them. Either way, this suspenseful and thrilling game is sure to release relatively soon.