Kerbal Space Program; a game that looks like it would be all fun and games, but is actually pretty mathematically intensive, and generally leads to horrific contraptions that nevertheless manage to sail the cosmos. We’re finally getting a sequel to this wonderful game, though we have to wait until 2020. All of this was revealed during the opening night livestream from Gamescom 2019, in which Star Theory developers revealed the sequel to their amazingly popular spacecraft building and flying simulator, Kerbal Space Program.

The general premise of the sequel will be pretty similar to the original game: the Kerbal civilization is determined to reach other planets by any means necessary, even if it means strapping eighty rockets and two dozen haphazard wings to a Cold War submarine. Their survival rate in these misguided space explorations is generally pretty low, but every once in a while you help them make some ridiculous design that actually works, and the little green men get to reach another planet.

That’s about all you did in the first game, and even if you managed to build a spacecraft that didn’t plow into the runway and explode in a burst of nuclear fire, all you really did was soar throughout your solar system, see if you could make a trench run on Mars, and return to Earth to inevitably crash in a burst of nuclear fire upon landing.

But in Kerbal Space Program 2, not only can you set your adventurous gaze far beyond your own solar system, but you have a goal to meet when you actually reach the planet you have in mind. You can set your sights on other galaxies, and establish colonies on far off distant worlds. It’ll definitely be fun to have a goal beyond ‘actually takeoff without dying.’ Not that building your own spaceships wasn’t fun, but you never really had anything to do with them other than take off, fly around, and potentially land. The addition of colonization in Kerbal Space Program 2 will undoubtedly elevate the entertainment level of the game; though seeing ridiculous spacecraft crash and burn will probably still be a major selling point.

Unfortunately, we won’t get to enjoy Kerbal Space Program 2 until 2020, but at least we’ll be able to enjoy it on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Whether or not it will be available for the next gen consoles coming out next year remains to be seen, but is extremely likely, since more powerful specs will only serve to make the game even more enjoyable.