It’s Possible To Get Halo Infinite In-Game Content By Eating Candy

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Last Updated on November 7, 2020 by Mark P.

Most of the news regarding Halo Infinite has been bad recently. The hotly anticipated game has been delayed until 2021, to start with. On top of that, another of its directors has left the project, raising some questions about the future of the project in general. And yet, not all the news is bad, as the game’s various marketing promotions are still making their mark this year. Believe it or not, the latest of these promotions is actually courtesy of Butterfinger.

From right now through February 2021, folks in the United States that purchase two Butterfingers can get special player emblems to be used in Halo Infinite when it finally releases in 2021. If you’re not the biggest fan of Butterfingers, don’t worry, as you are not limited to those alone. The promo also applies to Baby Ruth, Crunch, and 100 Grand bars, since all of those candy bars are made by the same company.

Moreover, Butterfinger has even partnered with Microsoft to give away Xbox Series X consoles via a special campaign. If you want more information on that, you can receive more details on the Butterfinger official website. Of course, it’s more of a sweepstakes kind of situation, but even so, it is a way to potentially get a console for free, however slight it may be.

This new promotion is but a part of a much larger campaign from Microsoft in which it is partnering with a number of candy companies to give people special DLC items and aesthetic customizations for Halo Infinite. Such examples of these promotions include the ability to eat Oreos in order to unlock special multiplayer skins. Individuals who shop at GameStop will also get in-game freebies, though that of course has nothing to do with candy.

Of course, it’s not great to have to learn about multiplayer elements via candy and snacks of all things, but to be fair, developer 343 is very aware of this reality and openly admits that things could have been a little better.

“Learning about some big new customization changes coming to Halo Infinite by seeing some marketing materials and reading a few paragraphs isn’t ideal, but with programs already in motion and our date shifting, here we are,” 343 said.

It’s understandable that 343 has had to simply accept how some things are because they don’t particularly have a choice with how the year has gone thus far. However, most of those issues are problems that they themselves can’t do anything about.

In other news, when Halo Infinite does release, the multiplayer aspect of the game will be free, which could be a pretty big deal when it comes down to it. On top of that though, the entirety of Halo Infinite will be free for gamers that are subscribed to Game Pass Ultimate, which is practically unheard of as far as such a massive flagship title is concerned. In the end, we won’t know how everything turns out until it’s time for the game to be released.


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