Horizon Zero Dawn Could Come To PC This Year

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Last Updated on January 30, 2020 by Mark P.

Horizon Zero Dawn is probably one of the most well received games to come out in the past few years. Its open-world concept and unique environment and lore enthralled thousands of players across the globe; but not PC players, who just had to suffer and deal with the lack of the game on their platform.

Before anyone gets their hopes up, a PC port of Horizon Zero Dawn is still officially unconfirmed. Technically no one responsible for a theoretical PC port has said that there will be one. However, there are many reasons to believe that such a port will come our way sometime this year. The reason this is believed is mostly due to a report from Kotaku citing three major sources that are apparently privy to Sony’s plans for the open world game from Guerilla.

There’s also the fact that Death Stranding has recently been ported to PC; something that was accurately predicted by Russian YouTuber Anton Logvinov, who also believes that February of 2020 is when we’ll get a Horizon Zero Dawn PC port. Granted, even with the accurate prediction for Death Stranding, the prediction of a lone YouTuber may not be worth much. However, it should be noted that both Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding run on the Decima Engine, so it stands to reason that if Death Stranding can run on PC, Horizon Zero Dawn can as well.

Moreover, a February prediction is probably a bit off regardless, considering the fact that January is nearly over already. No doubt that both Sony and Guerilla would take a bit more time to work on a PC port, especially since Horizon is without a doubt one of the best PS4 exclusives available right now. Even so, there are multiple events and rumors that have been planned for February by Sony, so it isn’t entirely impossible that an announcement of a PC port isn’t coming that month, though this is pure conjecture.

Additionally, it would be a little odd if Sony was actually directly involved in a PC port of Zero Dawn, as they have regularly outsourced ports of their exclusive games to third party companies in the past. But, whether or not Sony will actually take a direct approach, and whether or not that means they are looking to expand their horizons in a manner similar to Microsoft, is conjecture.