Game ‘New World’ Will Now Cost $40, But Some People Will Still Be Able To Get It For Free

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Last Updated on April 1, 2022 by Mark P.

It was in 2018 that Amazon (yes, that Amazon) announced they would be producing a video game of their own. A massive multiplayer online game called New World. Originally, it was marketed as free to play, but now that the game is actually getting closer to launch day, Amazon has marked the price of a pre-order at $40, hitting us all with the old switcheroo. Of course, it’s not quite as bad as it sounds; that $40 will grant a player lifetime access to the game. Still, it seems a bit underhanded.

Or it would, if Amazon weren’t keeping their end of the bargain to some degree. On 12/13/19, the company began notifying people that had pre-ordered the game in 2018 when it was announced (and when it was supposed to be free), that they would still get the lifetime access to the finished product at no charge. The email that said as much reads as follows:

“Today, we’re making ‘New World’ available for pre-order again. You were one of the first customers to order New World, and you ordered it when it was free-to-play,” according to a copy of the email Reviewed by Business Insider. “Your order is still good, and your price  — $0.00 — is still good also.”

The email also said that those same players getting the game for free would be able to participate in a special pre-launch beta test of the game, reserved especially for those that pre-ordered. However, we have no idea exactly how expansive that beta test will be. What we do know is that it will include those who pre-ordered the game this year for $40, as well as those who pre-ordered back when it was free. This beta test will be in April of 2020. Join closed beta here.

The most noteworthy thing about New World is likely the fact that it will not charge a monthly subscription fee, like other popular MMOs almost always do. As things are right now, Amazon is only charging the purchase price of $40, and then the game is supposed to be free forever. Of course, that’s not really a profitable business plan, so there’s little doubt that the game will include purchases of some sort that you can buy, such as cosmetic items. That said, such things are pretty commonplace these days, and we can’t really blame companies for doing as such.

Either way, New World, when it releases in May of 2020, will hopefully be received well.