For a Limited Time, Little Nightmares and Company of Heroes 2 are Free on Steam

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Last Updated on June 2, 2021 by Mark P.

Nothing beats free, but more importantly, nothing beats free games: especially if they are of a good variety! The good news is that two games are available for download on PC for anyone and everyone to keep permanently. Those two games are Little Nightmares and Company of Heroes 2. For some reason, there are no concrete dates on exactly how long one of these free games will be available, so it would be a good idea to pick it up as soon as possible if you are interested.

Little Nightmares is a game about a little girl named Six, who is trapped in some sort of underwater ship. This horror-themed puzzle platformer forgoes traditional storytelling like dialogue and exposition and instead uses its unnerving, frightening atmosphere to tell its story.

It’s received high praise from a number of game sites, though it should be noted that it’s probably not for everyone. For hardcore puzzle enthusiasts, some of the puzzles are a little too simplistic, and for those who don’t really care for the horror genre, the imagery and atmosphere of the game are often chilling and scary. That said, it really does lead to some serious introspection and a gripping experience. It’s unclear how long the game will be free.

As for Company of Heroes 2, not only can you download the standalone single-player campaign, but you can also get Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault, which is an expansion. Both of these will be available for free on Steam until June 3rd as part of the Free Forever Weekend Promotion.

Company of Heroes is a real-time, World War II strategy game that has both single and multiplayer modes. You take control of armed forces like infantry, tanks, and more to wage tactical battles across detailed and intricate battlefields. Needless to say, RTS games like this are not easy for someone to pick up and run with, but once you learn the ropes, it is a compelling challenge with deep strategic and rewarding gameplay. The game has received many reviews from gaming sites with scores of 7.5/10 or higher.

Remember, neither of these games is going to be available for very long, so you won’t have much time to pick them up if you want them. We’re not even sure exactly how long Little Nightmares is going to be available at this point in the first place. That said, it doesn’t hurt to check and see if it is still available if you are interested.

Also, these games are only available via Steam. However, it’s also free to get Steam, so if you don’t have it, you still won’t have to pay anything to get access to these games. Steam does offer free games every once in a while, so be sure to check in with us regularly in order to see what opportunities for free games are out and about, on Steam or otherwise.