Director Yoko Taro’s New Game, SinoAlice, Is Available To Play Right Now Worldwide

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Yoko Taro is the director of both Drakengard and the NieR series, which includes the by-now immensely popular title NieR: Automata. With that game practically a cult classic by now, lots of people were immensely excited to play anything else made by Yoko Taro and his odd but enthralling visions of fictional worlds. He put out a game called SinoAlice all the way back in 2017, but it was only available in Japan. Now though, this game has finally been launched worldwide.

SinoAlice combines Taro’s especially dark yet entertaining worldbuilding and storytelling with renditions of classic fantasy characters (as you may imagine, those renditions adhere to a fantasy aesthetic). The game is playable both solo and cooperatively, and includes hundreds of weapons as well as classic characters like Alice from the Lewis Caroll stories, Red Riding Hood and oriental fantasy figures like Princess Kaguya. The combat system is extremely active and intense, which is greatly worth mentioning, considering that SinoAlice is a mobile game.

Mobile games often carry a bad connotation, because it often evokes images of simplistic entertainment, but there are many complex, deep mobile games out there, and SinoAlice is one of them. It even has a soundtrack backed by Keiichi Okabe, who orchestrated the music for both NieR and NieR: Automata. Needless to say, the game’s soundtrack is certainly leagues above most mobile entries.

It’s also worth noting just how many people were raring for the worldwide release, with over 2 million people pre-registering to play across both the Google Play Store and the App Store. Those who did pre-register received numerous in-game rewards, though it’s a little too late for new players to get any of that since the game has launched already. That said, it’s still a brand-new game by a well-beloved director, and it’s certainly worth a look for anyone that enjoyed NieR: Automata.

As for Yoko Taro himself, SinoAlice was technically finished three years ago, so he’s been working on other things. Unfortunately, that doesn’t include the surprise launch of the next NieR main entry, but he has been working on NieR: Reincarnation, another mobile entry that will of course be taking place in the NieR universe. On top of that, an enhanced remaster of the original NieR is being worked on right now for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The remaster is suitably dubbed in a very strange manner, being called Nier Replicant Ver. 1.22474487139.

Unfortunately, there’s no official announcement of another major NieR title in the works, but considering the massive surge in the series’ popularity thanks to Automata, there’s little doubt in anyone’s minds that there will be another entry at some point, though it could still be a while away yet. But when it does happen, we’ll definitely let you know, because we’re just as excited as you are. Here’s to hoping that this next theoretical NieR game will be available to play within a year or two.

More about Yoko Taro and SINoALICE

What is Yoko Taro working on?

Yoko Taro has not been as active as most people would want him to be but he is working on a new game called SinoAlice. SinoAlice is a game where our favorite story book characters such as Little Red Riding Hood and Alice become warriors trying to fight off monsters in order to revive their fellow comrade the author. SinoAlice has recently launched on Android and iOS.

Why does Yoko Taro wear a mask?

The reason for Yoko Taro wearing a mask is due to wanting the audience to pay attention to his work rather than his appearance. Taro believes that by having a mask it will create curiosity and make it more appealing for his players.

Is there going to be a sequel to Nier automata?

There has been speculation on a sequel for Nier Automata for over two years but nothing concrete. However, there is a remastered version of Nier Replicant that is to be launched in 2021. The game will be out for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

What does Yoko Taro look like?

Most know Yoko Taro for his mask which looks like a creepy shaved dolls face. Taro’s mask resembles the professors face in the anime Assassination Classroom. Taro’s mask is grey with eyes that looks like its piercing your soul and a smile that only makes you uncomfortable.

Although Yoko Taro wears a mask most of the time, he is still human and Japanese as well.

What happened to SINoALICE?

SINoALICE was scheduled to be released 2019 through Nexon but unfortunately it was delayed.

Now the game has been released since July 1, 2020 through mobile.

Is SINoALICE a good game?

If you into gacha games, then SINoALICE is the game for you. With SINoALICE it is a mobile fantasy RPG where you can play with friends and with the community. You are able to join guilds and be social. If you join a guild then the more, you communicate the more you improve.

SINoALICE was released on July 1, 2020 by Square Enix and is available on iOS and Android. Reviews on the app stores have given SINoALICE a good review. With 4.8 stars on iOS and a 4.4-star score on Android.

The game features a combat turn based mechanics with a rock-paper-scissors advantages. The good thing about the game is that its free to play on the app store or google play.

What should I reroll for SINoALICE?

If you are planning to reroll in SINoALICE then you would want to obtain as many SR weapons as possible. Try to obtain the SR weapons that are able to unlock jobs for your characters so you can have an advantage. You should try to get at least 2 or 3 SR weapons and some S rated weapons.

All players have the option to infinite reroll as soon as you start. In order to reroll all, you must do is choose the option to Summon Another Grimoir after you received a roll you did not like.