A Current Steam Bundle Could Net You Over 50 Games For Just $10

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Last Updated on June 9, 2020 by Mark P.

When it comes to video games, more for less is never a bad thing. Especially when it’s a whole lot more for a whole lot less. A steam bundle going on right now will let you purchase more than 50 games for just $10. As you might imagine, a deal like that isn’t for brand new games or even really recent ones: it’s a bundle of games from the old school Sega Genesis console. They’re retro titles, but that doesn’t make this any less of an impressive deal.

The Sega Genesis was a flagship console of the 90s, and had some of the most beloved titles of the era available to it, such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Streets of Rage. With this bundle, you get a total of 59 of the Genesis’ best titles for $9.29. Along with that, it even has some nifty and fun little features, like a virtual living room that serves as a library for you to select the games from.

Some of the notable games in the bundle include all of the Sonic the Hedgehog titles that existed on the Sega Genesis, including Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic CD. Other popular inclusions are Gunstar Heroes, Toe Jam & Earl, Beyond Oasis, and several entries in the Golden Axe, Shinobi and Streets of Rage franchises. For a full list of all the games included in this bundle, you can look here.

Of course, as said before these are pretty old retro games overall, and there’s no getting around that unless you yourself are a hardcore retro gaming fan. Even so, there are lots of new features included thanks to Steam which will add a bit of fresh air to the whole ordeal. For one, many of these games have online multiplayer available, something that you would never be able to do if you just bought an old Sega Genesis. There are also special challenge modes to add a bit of spice to your gaming experience and special visual filters, like scanlines and CRT, in case you want to enjoy a different atmosphere. On top of all of that, all of the Sega Genesis games can be enjoyed in VR as well, so if you really wanted to, you could enjoy all of these games in virtual reality.

This is but one of the many bundles available on Steam right now, but this one is definitely one of the best ones when it comes to a good mix of game quantity and price. $10 is just an astoundingly cheap price for the vast number of games you get out of the bundle. But just in case you are looking for some other video game bundles, now’s a good time to look around, because there’s plenty to choose from. And of course, Steam is free to get on your computer, so as long as your computer is capable of running the games you want, it’s no problem.