What is Disney Hinting at with Project Luminous?

What is Disney Hinting at with Project Luminous
Project Luminous - Lucasfilm

Last Updated on February 3, 2020 by Mark P.

While fans spend hours and hours of time debating the controversial Skywalker saga and catching up on season one of the Mandalorian, the creative team at Disney is already cooking up their next major Star Wars adventures, the mysteriously named multi-media initiative known as Project Luminous.

According to the team over at Screenrant​, this new phase in Disney’s expansion of the Star Wars universe with the creative minds over at Lucasfilm will set up the next several years of Star Wars stories, potentially something so big it will impact the full multi-media landscape ranging from the popular Star Wars comic series by Marvel, their award winning video games, and most definitely on their recently launched streaming service.

While Disney is still only releasing small amounts of information until the grand reveal, fans only have to feed off of what was revealed the 2019 Star Wars celebration in Chicago to go off of. According to Lucasfilm creative director Michael Siglain in regards to the team behind this new brand initiative, “The team will also work alongside the Lucasfilm story group to craft the world in accordance with the current Star Wars canon. Project Luminous will be used to set up the future of Star Wars on-screen.”

What Siglain clearly also went on to announce was the creative team that will make up the braintrust responsible for creating the next several years of Star Wars canon. The writers include Justina Ireland, Daniel Jose Older, Claudia Gray, Cavan Scott, and Charles Soule. Together this team will work with the publishers at Marvel as well as the Disney-Lucasfilm developers in order to create a cohesive series of interconnecting stories across every medium at larger Disney’s disposal.

While fans wait several years for a new film series, Project Luminous will apparently fill the gap in order to keep the current fan base happy, as well as appeal to old school Star Wars fans who were disappointed by some of the liberties taken with the stories and Star Wars’ properties since Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilms years back.

Current rumors from hardcore Star Wars fans seem to be pointing to the idea of Project Luminous jumpstarting an era of the franchise focusing on the High Republic period of Star Wars lore (you might already be familiar with it’s introduction in the Knights of the Old Republic game series). The popular pop-culture site Inverse also jumped on this theory adding their own​ evidence from the recent comic books, going as far as to ask the question, “Is Star Wars about to become something similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a sprawling collection of interconnected stories?” All the signs are pointing to that.