Xbox Games With Gold For May 2020 Have Been Revealed

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Last Updated on May 2, 2020 by Mark P.

Microsoft has recently revealed the four games that Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be able to get for free in the month of May. Like months before it, the titles are pretty heavily focused on sports and racing, but there are two RPG titles as well. As always, the four titles are split between two Xbox One titles and two Xbox 360 titles. The first of these many games will be available on May 1st, though they will not all become available at the same time.

The first title subscribers will be able to get their hands on during the entire month of May is V-Rally 4, an Xbox One title from 2018. This off-road racing game is more along the arcade lines of racing gameplay, with racing elements for fiction than reality. For those who enjoy those types of games, V-Rally 4 has more than 50 buggies, rallycross cars, and other vehicles to race along their scenic and exciting tracks, with locales stretching across all continents.

From May 1st to May 15th, Sensible World of Soccer is up for grabs. It’s an enhanced version of the top-down 90s soccer game, which had a port on Xbox 360. It originally released on the Amiga way back in 1994, so it’s a pretty retro title compared to the other games on this list. However, even though the actual soccer gameplay is pretty simple, it has a pretty complex club management system: for the era it released in, at any rate.

One of the RPG games available is Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor-Martyr for the Xbox One. It will be available for download from May 16th to June 15th. This story-driven title revolves entirely around a campaign set in 41st Millennium of the Warhammer universe, amidst a grand war that can be experienced solo or cooperatively with up to four players.

Finally, from May 16th to May 31st, you’ll be able to get the 2009 title Overlord 2. The series may be dead and gone now, but this action RPG entry still received pretty solid reviews. Of course, it is the second Xbox 360 game that is available, so keep in mind that many elements will be dated. It’s not for everyone, but Overlord 2 is a decent game to pick up for anyone that needs a new RPG to play, especially since the game itself will be free during that timeframe.

As for the games that were free for April, you may miss the ones leaving on April 31st by the time you read this. However, The Knights of Pen and Paper Bundle will still be available for download until May 15th. As always, remember that you have to a subscriber to Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (which is a Game Pass subscription that includes Gold) in order to be eligible for these free games. And if you miss them, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to download them for free again in the future.