Kojima’s ‘Death Stranding’ Is Available at $20 Off For A Limited Time

For a limited time, Walmart is offering Death Stranding on PS4 for only $39.99 with free shipping.

Kojima’s 'Death Stranding'

Last Updated on April 17, 2022 by Mark P.

Considering that Death Stranding came out pretty recently, no one could blame you for not expecting a hefty discount on the title until 2020 at the earliest. And yet, the AAA Sony exclusive title is available at $20 off its usual price right now, assuming you take advantage of a particular deal. Don’t worry; we plan to tell you all about it.

Right now, Walmart is selling copies of Death Stranding for $39.99, which is the lowest price the game has been since its launch. Ironically, Walmart was already selling the game for $49 prior to this, which is still a pretty sweet deal. Just for reference, this current price is better than even the one the PlayStation Store offered on Black Friday. That said, this is a better time than any to nab one of PS4’s most critically acclaimed games of the year.

Death Stranding 711719506027 for $39.99

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Reviews for Death Stranding have been almost entirely favorable thus far, with many of them praising the excellent graphics, unique storyline, and a gaming community in which the actions of players may help their fellows when they come across the same locations their predecessors traversed. Of course, the game is mostly about delivering packages, so maybe all of those nice reviews were written by the guys over at UPS.

That said, with the game being such an excellent low price right now, you could just nab it while it’s hot and see for yourself if Death Stranding is up your alley. After all, when the price inevitably goes back up, you could probably sell the game at a profit if you really didn’t like it all that much.

And speaking of deals not lasting, you should probably act fast on this one. Considering that no other retailer is offering Death Stranding at this low price, it would be pretty reasonable to assume that the game will go out of stock rather quickly, and there’s no guarantee that Walmart will restock them at the same price if that happens.

That said, unless you’d like to crawl back to the other retailers that are still selling the game at $60, you should make a trip to Walmart ASAP. With Death Stranding quite possibly being the best looking game on consoles right now, the deal is certainly worth taking advantage of, and you wouldn’t want to let it slip through your fingers.

See Deal at Walmart

Manufacturer: Kojima Productions

GTIN: 00711719506027

MPN: 711719506027