Get an Xbox One S 1TB 3 Game Bundle For Only $149 Right Now

Walmart currently has a deal for the Microsoft Xbox One S 1TB All Digital Edition 3 Game Bundle White, NJP-00050 for only $149.00. Bundle includes 1TB Xbox One S All Digital Console, controller, a month of Xbox Live Gold, and games; Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Fortnite Battle Royale. It also includes 2000 V-bucks and the Legendary Rogue Spider Knight Outfit. You'll save over $100 off list price!

Get an Microsoft Xbox One S 1TB All Digital Edition 3 Game Bundle For An Astounding $149 Right Now
Get an Microsoft Xbox One S 1TB All Digital Edition 3 Game Bundle For An Astounding $149 Right Now

Last Updated on December 16, 2019 by Mark P.

If there’s one thing Walmart does regularly, it’s offer up great video game deals. Currently, one of their best Xbox One S bundles is back in stock, offering the disc-less drive all digital variant at just $149, which is the same price it was available at during Black Friday. Just like that day, you’ll be saving $50 on the usual retail price, which is a pretty amazing deal considering that you also get a game to go with it; the options are Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, or Fortnite DLC, the latter being 2000 V-Bucks and the Legendary Rogue Spider Knight Outfit.

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Needless to say, this deal is timed perfectly for Christmas (which was probably the intent on Walmart’s part). Whether you are looking to get an Xbox console for yourself or a member of the family, this is without a doubt one of the best prices you’ll be able to get an Xbox One S for. It’s also a great way to get access to the games that are included in the various bundles.

Granted, this variant of the Xbox One S does not have a disc drive, which means you can’t play any physical games on it. If you already have a solid collection of physical Xbox games, this deal might not be a great choice for you personally. But if you don’t have an Xbox and you don’t particularly care whether your games are physical or digital, there’s another good reason to take advantage of this deal, and that’s Game Pass.

Game Pass is like Netflix, but for video games. Pay a monthly subscription price, and you get access to approximately 100 games of various genres at any point in time. Game Pass is already pretty cheap at just $9.99 a month, and the Ultimate variant, which includes Xbox Live Gold, is just $15 a month. Thing is, Game Pass Ultimate is going on sale all the time, with great deals offering three months for just $1 not that uncommon.

In short, you could purchase this Xbox One S bundle from Walmart for just $149, then get Game Pass or Ultimate and have access to a hundred different games to play on the console, all for $15 or less. Needless to say, this is a great way to experience a bunch of Xbox games at little cost, making this bundle an even more enticing offer. Either way, you should probably act fast; we all know how quickly great deals can disappear.