Food Trucks, Food Trailers & Concession Stands

See where to buy food trucks & concession stands and what to consider before buying one. Also, see tips on starting a food truck business.

The food truck business is very competitive. Hundreds and thousands of trucks are vying for business in major metro areas, but there is still a great business opportunity for new food trucks. Before you start your own food truck business, there is a lot of research and planning to do.

Food Trucks, Food Trailers & Concession Stands for Sale

While location and menu contribute greatly to a food truck’s success, you have to start with the right foundation. Searching for a food truck for sale can seem like a daunting task but it is essential for your business. Keep reading to learn more about starting your food truck business, including finding the right food truck for sale.

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New and Used Food Truck Prices

Deciding between a new or used food truck is a major step in setting up your business. Both new and used food trucks offer benefits for your business and come with significant costs. New food trucks can run as high as $200,000 or more, but they require less maintenance. A used food truck will cost less upfront, but you may run into repair or remodeling costs.

Food Trucks for Sale by State

Food Trucks for Sale in California

·         Sacramento, CA

·         San Diego, CA

·         Los Angeles, CA

·         San Francisco, CA


Food Trucks for Sale in Florida

·         Orlando, FL

·         Tampa, FL

·         Miami, FL

·         Jacksonville, FL

Food Trucks for Sale in South Carolina

·         Columbia, SC

·         Charleston, SC

Food Trucks for Sale in Tennessee

·         Nashville, TN

·         Memphis, TN

Food Trucks for Sale in Texas

·         Dallas, TX

·         Austin, TX

·         San Antonio, TX

·         El Paso, TX

·         Houston, TX

Why should you buy a new food truck?

A new food truck may be more expensive, but it requires no repairs or maintenance. With a new food truck, you can start your business almost immediately instead of waiting for repairs to be completed. Your truck will be clean and pristine, and you will get a warranty to cover unexpected costs.

Why should you buy a used food truck?

If your funding is tight, a used food truck may be the best way to save on upfront costs. You can find used food trucks for an average of $40,000 to $80,000. If you are willing to put in the time and work to repair your food truck, you can customize your used truck to meet your unique needs.

For Sale by Owner vs. For Sale by Manufacturer

Food trucks for sale by manufacturer are typically available through food truck lots or dealerships. They may come with a warranty to cover repairs. You can expect to pay more for a food truck for sale by manufacturer, though.

Food trucks for sale by owner may be less expensive, and you might have more room to negotiate. However, there are no guarantees when it comes to food trucks for sale by owner. You assume the risk of purchasing a cheap used food truck.

Food Trailer vs. Food Truck

When starting your food truck business, you should also consider whether a food truck or trailer is best. Food trucks have more space for food prep, storage, and serving, and they are self-sufficient. Food trailers are smaller and require another vehicle for towing, but they are less expensive and easy to set up.

Food trucks are perfect for parking at local festivals, area hotspots, and food truck parks. Food trailers are popular at fairs, local events, and for catering. Both offer great benefits for your business, and the best option depends on your unique needs.

Types of Food Trucks for Sale

There are countless kinds of food trucks for sale. You can search local food truck lots or local online listings to find a truck that works for your business. If you are struggling for ideas, consider the following types of food trucks for sale.

  • BBQ Food Trucks
  • Step Van Food Trucks
  • Pizza Trucks
  • Ice Cream Trucks
  • Coffee Trucks
  • Waffle Food Trucks
  • Sandwich Food Trucks
  • Hot Dog Food Trucks

Food Trucks for Sale by State

No matter where you are in the United States, chances are good that there’s a food truck scene in your state. See food trucks for sale by state:

  • California
  • New York State
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas

How do I start a successful food truck business?

If you want a successful food truck business, you have to plan for it. In order to hit the ground running and start earning revenue, you need a clear road map for your business. From startup costs and unexpected fees to your menu and location, here are the top considerations for starting a successful food truck business.

  • Know Your Area: Researching your target market and location is an important first step. Learn about the competition in your area, what space is available to park your food truck, and the expectations of customers in your location.
  • Decide on a Concept: Your food truck concept will influence your name and menu. Your concept should align with your passion and meet the needs of your target market. Look for ways to stand out from the competition and do something unique with your concept.
  • Name Your Truck: Your food truck’s name should be unique and descriptive. You want customers to instantly recognize your business name and understand the type of food you serve. It should also be easy for customer to remember your name and pronounce it, so they can share your food truck with their friends.
  • Make a Business Plan: A thought-out business plan provides a clear road map for your business and can help you keep your business on track. Your business plan should detail your organization and management, marketing plan, and financial projections. This will also help you request funding for your business.
  • Find the Right Truck: Purchase a food truck or trailer that accommodates all necessary equipment and your kitchen layout. Decide whether a new or used truck or a food trailer will be best for your business.
  • Apply for Permits: Check your local regulations to determine which permits are necessary for your business.
  • Plan Your Menu: Plan out your menu based on your concept and target market. Design an eye-catching menu board to attract customers to your food truck.
  • Market Your Business: Set up social media accounts and a website to spread the word for your business. You should also encourage reviews from happy customers.

Why do food trucks fail?

The top reasons that food trucks fail is because operators do not properly manage their inventory and food costs. Properly planning your business is key to success, so you can avoid overspending. It is also important to set aside savings for unexpected costs, food truck repairs, or maintenance.

How can I start a food truck with no money?

If your budget is tight, there are a few options for starting a food truck business with limited funds. With a solid business plan, you can search for investors to help fund your food truck. Investors can help you purchase a food truck, equipment, and ingredients to start earning money. Just remember that you will need to make revenue to pay back your investors.

With a limited budget, you can choose to rent or lease a food truck instead of purchasing one. The upfront cost is significantly lower when it comes to leasing a food truck, but you will be locked into a lease agreement. You could also partner with a local restaurant to run a food truck for their business. You won’t be the food truck owner, but you can get some experience without all of the costs.

What kind of insurance do you need for a food truck?

Picking the right food truck is not enough to start a successful business. Insuring your food truck ensures your business and investments are protected. A traditional food truck will require commercial auto insurance, including liability coverage, collision insurance, and comprehensive coverage.

For a food trailer, you should purchase commercial insurance for the vehicle towing your trailer. Your personal auto insurance will not likely cover damage to your food trailer. Collision and comprehensive insurance should also be purchased to fully protect your food trailer business.

Consider purchasing additional coverage for your equipment, including commercial property insurance and general commercial liability insurance. If you hire employees, you will also need workers compensation insurance to cover medical bills or loss wages for accidents on the job. Check with your current insurance provider to see if you can bundle your insurance policies for a better deal or shop around for affordable food truck insurance coverage.

What are the most popular food truck foods?

Food trucks have grown in popularity in recent years across the United States. Businesses in major cities are known to serve unique foods, local cuisine, and interesting fusion dishes that you can’t find anywhere else. However, there are some obvious food truck trends when it comes to the types of foods that sell. If you are starting a food truck business, consider the types of foods that customers purchase most often.

  • BBQ
  • Sliders
  • Ethiopian food
  • Tacos
  • Pizza
  • Cupcakes
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Lobster Rolls

Studying popular food trucks, including their business plan, advertising efforts, and menu, can help you make decisions for your own business. While you shouldn’t copy another food truck, you can take inspiration from the aspects of their business that work well.

Used Food Trucks for Sale

Starting a food truck business is an exciting time. From planning your menu to scouting the perfect location to park your truck, there is a lot of research involved in a new business. Before you can kick off the rest of your business, you need the perfect food truck. While a new food truck can set you back considerably, a used food truck might be a more affordable option.

If you want to buy a used food truck, you have to do your homework first. From the perfect place to find food trucks for sale to what to look for when buying a used food truck, keep reading for all of the important tips to start your new business venture.

Is it worth it to buy a used food truck?

There is a lot to consider when you buy a used food truck. The right pre-owned food trucks for sale will have everything your business needs to get off the ground. However, the wrong used food truck can become more of an investment than you are prepared to make.

You have a couple of options when it comes to buying a used food truck. You can purchase second-hand food trucks for sale from a local food truck dealer, but you can expect to pay more. A used food truck from a dealership may come with a warranty and already be remodeled. While you may pay a higher price, the truck will need less work.

You can also search local listings for a used food truck for sale by owner. Cheap used food trucks for sale can save you from a high initial investment and help lower your upfront business costs. However, you may run into some unexpected costs when it comes to repairs or remodeling.

When deciding whether or not it is worth it to buy a used food truck, you have to consider the unexpected. If you are able to put aside money for unexpected repairs or maintenance, a cheap used food truck may be perfect for your business. If you do not want to take the risk of unexpected costs, a new food truck or a certified used food truck may be the better option.

What are the benefits of buying a used food truck instead of a new food truck?

There are many benefits to buying a used food truck instead of a new food truck. Whether you are starting a new food truck business, expanding your current operations, or opening a food truck for an existing restaurant, you want to get up and running quickly to start earning money. Used mobile food trucks for sale can help you reach your business goals in less time.

  • Used food truck prices: Used food trucks for sale are often less expensive than new food trucks. On average, a used food truck costs about $50,000, including repairs. For a new food truck you can expect to pay $100,000 to $200,000 depending on your upgrades and equipment.
  • Permits: A used food truck that was recently in operation may still have valid permits. You can start your business faster without having to wait for permit approval for your local area.
  • Kitchen trucks for sale: With a used food truck, you can instantly see the kitchen layout and determine if it works for your business. The right used food truck will save you money when it comes to outfitting your kitchen and equipment.
  • Cool food trucks for sale: There are some really cool food trucks out there, and you may just find a hidden gem during your search. A used food truck could open up possibilities you may not have thought of before.

Where to Buy a Used Food Truck

You can start by searching for food truck dealerships or lots in your area that sell used food trucks. By purchasing from a food truck lot, you can see the vehicle in person and potentially get a warranty or some repair costs covered.

If you are searching for cheap used food trucks for sale, search for local online listings. Sites like craigslist, eBay, Roaming Hunger, and Used Vending have many used food trucks for sale by owner. With a local listing, you can request to see the food truck in person before making a purchase.

What to Look for When Buying a Used Food Truck

There are many considerations when it comes to buying a used food truck. While price will be a major determining factor, you also have to think about the specific needs of your business. Consider the following when buying a used food truck.

  • Your menu: The food you will serve will determine what space and layout is needed for food prep, cooking, serving, and storage.
  • Outside food prep: Your business needs and local regulations may impact how you prepare food for your business. The size of your truck can also determine if a separate prep and storage area is necessary.
  • Cost: Cost is an important factor, and you should not overextend your budget. Investing too much upfront can get you in a bind later if repairs or maintenance is needed.
  • Floor plan: The mobile food truck’s kitchen must accommodate your menu and business needs. In such a small space, every design aspect matters.

Are food trucks profitable?

Despite the initial investment, food trucks can be extremely profitable. In major cities, some food trucks even compete directly with popular dine-in restaurants. A popular food truck in a major metro area can bring in about $20,000 to $50,000 each month, while food trucks in smaller cities will bring in considerably less each month.

There are a lot of factors that impact whether or not food trucks are profitable. Your location will determine how many customers you get each week and directly affect your revenue. Your local regulations and laws will also affect your potential profit. Locations with strict regulations may make it harder to park in profitable areas, prep food easily, and earn big bucks.

Helpful Food Truck, Food Trailer & Concession Stand Videos 

Food Truck & Concession Trailer FAQs

Why do food trucks fail?

There is no hard and fast rule that can lead to the success or failure of a food truck, food trucks fail for a variety of reason. The most common ones are given below:

  • The most common reason that new fledgling food-trucks fail is because of a lack of planning and poor execution of a plan.
  • Lack of understanding can also lead to the failure of a new food truck. Always remember that you and your employees must learn about your customer’s preference. Your employees must also learn about your goals and help you implement them
  • A new food truck business can also fail due to a lack of evolution. Your food truck needs to change with the times. Always remember the customer’s choice is always right, keep up with your customer’s preferences.
  • A food truck also needs to self-evaluate regularly, otherwise, you risk stagnation.
  • The main reason that food trucks fail is that people underestimate the enormity of the task. Running a food truck is a very big ask. You are going to face many challenges along the way. Do your research; it pays to be prepared.

How can I start a food truck with no money?

The bottom line is that you can’t start a food truck business without any money. You need cash, if you don’t have cash then you are going to need to borrow some.

What is the average startup cost for a food truck?

The average startup cost of a food truck can depend on a variety of things, but if you are looking to start your own food truck; be prepared to shell out between $28,000 to $114,000. The cost depends on the area you live in, your route, the licenses, permits and whether you get a new or used truck.

How do you start a breakfast food truck?

Starting a breakfast food truck may seem like a difficult task, but it can be done. Just follow the following steps:

Step 1: Arrange for funds.

Step 2: Apply for the necessary licenses and permits.

Step 3: Buy the necessary equipment.

Step 3: You should find your own niche.

Step 5: Make a plan and stick to it.


Step 7: Find your own route or spot.

Step 8: Connect with the community.

Step 9: Evaluate and evolve.

Step 10: Grind daily.

Is starting a food truck worth it?

The short answer is that food trucks do earn a lot of money, and a food truck business can seem worth it, but you should be prepared for the reality. Food trucks typically spend almost all of the money they make on the upkeep. Food truck owners spend most of their earnings on ingredients, fuel, and insurance.

How do food trucks get power?

Food trucks typically run on power and they get that power from a variety of sources. Most food trucks typically run on portable generators, (LPG) Liquefied Petroleum Gas cylinders or solar panels typically on the food of the truck.

How hard is it to start a food truck?

Starting a food truck is hard. Any business is like a child; it requires constant care and attention. You will need to put in a lot of hard work, dedication, and some pretty long hours. The first few months will be exhausting but if you persevere you will succeed.

What is better food truck or food trailer?

Food trucks and food trailers may seem alike but both are remarkably different. Both offer their own advantageous over the other. Food trucks can offer you greater mobility as compared to food trailers, but food trucks are relatively expensive to buy and maintain. Food trailers on the other hand are far less expensive and offer much more space, but are difficult to move and park.

How many customers does a food truck get per day?

The number of customers a food truck serves on a daily basis depends on the food truck. There are food trucks that serve 5-6 customers a day and there are food trucks that serve 500-1000 customers per day. Typically a successful startup food truck should average 90 customers a day and a very successful food truck should average 500 customers a day.

How many menu items should a food truck have?

The general rule of thumb is that a food truck should only have five to twelve different items on the menu.

How much money do food trucks make?

In a recent survey, it was found that most food trucks post annual revenue of around $250,000 to $500,000, while the lucrative top 25 percent bring in upwards of $1 million.

How do food trucks get water?

Food trucks need water to survive. Most food trucks have fresh water outside the truck in a container. The water is pumped to the faucet inside the truck via a pump. Some food trucks have water tanks and gravity delivers the water to the faucet. Food trucks that require hot water generate the said hot water by means of a water heater.

Do food trucks have AC?

Yes. Food trucks have AC. Most food trucks have two ACs. The outdoor unit, which is mounted on the outside of the truck, and the indoor unit inside the kitchen.

Do food trucks have health inspections?

Yes. Food trucks have regular health inspections. Inspections of mobile food vending vehicles are conducted by the health department. Food trucks are held to many of the same standards as restaurants.

Are food trucks profitable?

A food truck can be a very lucrative gig if DONE CORRECTLY. The average food truck earns an estimate of around $250,000 to $500,000, while the lucrative top 25 percent bring in upwards of $1 million.

The most popular food truck cuisines are as follow:

  • Barbeque
  • Sliders
  • Ethnic cuisine
  • Tacos
  • Pizza
  • Cupcakes
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Lobster Rolls

How do I make a food truck menu?

Making a food truck menu is a piece of cake. You identify the food you want to make based on the research of the area and take it from there. Here are some pointers:

  1. Do the proper research.
  2. Make food that you want to make.
  3. Don’t use dollar signs.
  4. Be descriptive about your food. A picture is also a big plus.
  5. Don’t list the price.
  6. Don’t use columns of menu items

What is the best color for a food truck?

If you are looking for the best color for your food truck; you can’t go wrong with the following colors:

RED: Red creates a sense of urgency. It demands your immediate attention.

BLUE: Blue represents peace, water, tranquility, and reliability. A blue food truck gives a sense of security and stimulates productivity.

GREEN: Green is most commonly associated with health, tranquility, power, and nature. A green food truck gives a sense of a relaxing environment.

PURPLE: Purple stands for royalty and a purple food truck just stands out.

ORANGE AND YELLOW: Orange and yellow food trucks usually promote a sense of optimism.

BLACK: A black food truck usually gives out vibes of power and stability.

GREY: A grey food truck usually gives calm and soothing vibes.

While there is no hard and fast rule that says a food truck should be a particular color. You can experiment if you want.

How much does it cost to run a food truck monthly?

The start-up cost of a food truck is $100,000 and that cost can balloon up to $180,000- $200,000. The average cost of starting up a food truck is $140,000. The monthly cost will depend on your expenses, but you should be prepared to shell out from anywhere from $2000 to $3000.

How much is insurance for a food truck?

The average insurance cost is $135 per month for a food truck or $1,620 annually. The insurance covers vehicle theft, damages to the truck and acts of vandalism.

How do I start a successful food truck?

Starting a successful food truck is easy. You just need to put in the work and produce quality food. Here is what you need to do in order to create a successful food truck:

  • Put in the hours and perform market research.
  • Choose your truck wisely. Choose the truck type that best serves your wants and needs.
  • Buy the necessary supplies.
  • Incorporate and protect your assets.
  • Set a budget and stick to it.
  • Learn some creative marketing tactics.
  • Select the right locations.
  • Keep an eye on those reviews.
  • Leverage your social media following.
  • Stick with it during the hard times and grind it out.