Most Popular Food Trucks in the United States

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Best Food Trucks in the US

Food trucks are a fun and versatile way to set up a business selling food. Below is information about ten of the most popular food trucks in the United States, with a little information about their menus and their success story.

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1. Mac Mart Truck in Philadelphia, PA

The Mac Mart Truck sells mac and cheese. You can order traditional mac and cheese or choose from lots of toppings, mix-ins, and sides to make a truly unique dish. The Mac Mart Truck has an avid Facebook following and continues to run their business during Covid-19. In the 2020 holiday season, they are offering a special on holiday food trays for $40 each. This allows their customers to share unique mac and cheese at their tables this season. Follow them on Facebook.

2. Coolhaus in Texas, Los Angeles and New York

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Coolhaus was founded by two women who did not see much female representation in the dessert industry. They are all about empowering women while serving delicious ice cream sandwiches in both Austin and Los Angeles.

They also host pop-up ice cream bars, catering and more.

Find them in Los Angeles and New York on their website schedule.

3. Kogi BBQ in Los Angeles, CA

Kogi BBQ serves Korean short rib tacos from four food trucks set up across Los Angeles, CA. In addition to their Korean tacos, they serve burritos, sides and desserts. Follow them on Twitter for locations. See menu here.

4. Ms. Cheezious in Miami, FL

Ms. Cheezious offers award-winning grilled cheese to customers in Miami, FL. Their business has expanded, allowing them to operate food trucks and brick-and-mortar locations. They offer a wide variety of grilled cheese variations, making them a great comfort food stop. Follow them on Facebook.

5. Oink & Moo BBQ in Florham Park, NJ

Oink & Moo BBQ offers BBQ and Tex-Mex with a twist. Their BBQ and sides are made from scratch with lots of different flavors and stylings. Because of their success, they’ve been able to run multiple trucks to feed people in and around Florham Park, NJ. Follow them on Facebook.

6. Food Shark in Marfa, TX

Food Shark offers Mediterranean and West Texas specials in Marfa, TX. Even though their truck sets up in lots of different locations, they often serve as many as 200 people during lunch on weekdays. They sell falafel, hummus, and other Mediterranean dishes.

7. Mmmpanadas in Austin, TX

It’s pretty easy to guess what is sold at Mmmpanadas in Austin, TX. They sell empanadas from their trucks. Their fare has received awards from many magazines, including Southern Living. Thanks to their grassroots success, they have been able to expand to selling frozen empanadas in retail locations.

8. Streetza in Milwaukee, WI

Streetza sells gourmet pizza from a food truck in Milwaukee, WI. Their quality ingredients and service have been recognized across the country by magazines. Pizzas are cooked on demand in a 650 degree oven, allowing customers to enjoy fresh, hot pizza.

9. Maximus Minimus in Seattle, WA

It would be pretty hard to miss the Maximus Minimus truck in Seattle. Their huge pig truck serves grilled pork and chicken sandwiches, along with other creations. They are NOT a BBQ food truck. They offer a variety of sauces to capture the spicy and savory profiles in their dishes. Their “Max & Cheese” sandwich is made with their Maximus sauce, offering a spicy twist on a classic.

10. Nom Nom Truck in Los Angeles, CA

Nom Nom Truck is a female-owned food truck that serves Vietnamese-inspired dishes. Get Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwiches), Vietnamese tacos, and more at this Los Angeles food truck. The owners named their truck “Nom Nom” because of the cultural use of this phrase to represent the sound made while eating. Their hope is that when you eat their food, you are so wrapped up in the taste that you forget how you look and sound.

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