Best Credit Cards

Best Credit Cards

What does finding the best credit card mean?

The ‘best credit card’ varies from person to person. There are a number of factors that one needs to consider when finding the best card for them. These include points like credit score, current balances, rewards, what type of rewards; points miles, cash back – are most of your expenses on groceries or online? – are you strictly looking for a gas rewards card?

Each of these factors are extremely important to consider when choosing the right credit card for you. We’ve included a number of the most popular questions that are asked when searching for the best credit card. Please feel free to comment below with any additional questions you might have.

Credit Card Questions Answered

What is the best credit card?

The “Best Credit Card” will depend greatly on what your lifestyle and personal spending habits are. For people who travel often, airline credit cards can be a great way to stretch spending into future vacations, but for those who spend the most on necessities like gas and groceries, certain cards will provide cash back on a certain percentage of groceries. It is important to look at your personal financial situation and how much benefit a card will provide.

Many cards have an annual fee, which can cost more than the benefits are worth if you don’t spend a certain amount on the card each year. Generally, larger companies will offer sign-up bonuses and exclusive deals for first-time customers, which can make opening several cards at once seem appealing. We highly recommend against this, as choosing one or two cards and focusing your spending on them will usually reap greater long-term benefits.

The most important decision in picking a credit card is how much you will spend on it each month, and what category those expenses fall into. Selecting a card that offers the most benefits for your spending amount is crucial in the selection process.

Make sure you check each major credit card company, and any other companies you are eligible for a card with, and compare their available cards. Choosing the right card can help your credit score and even make you money over time, so spend the time to get it right!

These factors all work to determine the “Best Credit Card” for you. Don’t just get one because your friends or family recommend it! We highly encourage you to do the research and make an informed decision.

What credit card is best for me?

This depends on the features or benefits that are best suited for your ‘why?’; “what do you need a credit card?”.

Would you like to:

Build, improve or establish credit?

Credit builder credit cards are for those with a poor or limited credit history, who won’t qualify for other credit cards; they come with a higher interest rate and a lower credit limit.

Earn miles, points or other perks?

Getting a reward credit card can give you access to benefits and incentives such as vouchers or in-store points, air miles or cash back, for a little fee.

Use your card overseas?

Overseas credit card can be used with minimal charges while you’re on holiday, they are a helpful way to manage your holiday spending.

Get cash back?

A money transfer credit card works by using your balance to transfer a debt, you can transfer money into your current account.

Transfer your balance?

A balance transfer credit card works if you have an outstanding debt that you want to pay off quicker or with less interest.

Make purchases?

Purchase credit cards are useful for spreading the cost of expensive items over a few months, they often have a 0% interest period during which you can shop and pay no interest on what you owe.

Whatever your needs, many of these cards come with low or 0% interest, as long as you pay back in time.

What is the best credit card company to go with?

The best credit card company will depend on how much and where you travel. Most credit cards have similar cards with similar rewards, but the places where they are accepted will be vastly different. Visa and MasterCard are much more widely accepted both in the US and abroad than Discover, American Express, or any of the smaller bank credit cards.

This is because stores must pay a small premium to use credit cards to accept purchases, which is why some small stores may have a ‘minimum’ price that must be reached in order for them to be able to accept your credit card. It is important to assess where and how often you will be using the card, as if you often travel internationally, you should be sure to choose a credit card company that will be accepted in more international locations.

Perhaps most important in the selection process is figuring out what company will give you a good sign-up bonus and will provide you good customer service. In general, smaller companies have better customer service, but will be accepted at far fewer locations, and may not be accepted anywhere outside of the US. For most people, this type of card will work, since they will work and spend much of their life in a somewhat small radius of where they live and work.

For more travel-inclined people, larger companies have better acceptance and will have the resources to assist you with issues 24/7 and in many complicated situations you may find yourself in while travelling. You should always do research and find the best credit card and company for your individual situation.

What is the best credit card to have?

The best credit card to have will be very different depending on your situation. Generally, credit card companies have an inexpensive, basic card that is available to almost all people regardless of credit score, but it will likely not have many of the benefits that a more premium, exclusive card will. The more expensive the card fee, the better it’s benefits will typically be. The most exclusive cards are rumored to have benefits like personal shoppers, gifts, and many are only available via invite.

The American Express Centurion Card costs 5,000 USD per year, and requires it’s cardholders to spend more than 20,000 USD per month to keep the card. The most basic American Express card, only available to military members and their families, is open to all people, regardless of their credit score, and is issued by USAA, a military insurance company. This card has very few benefits, but it also has no annual fee, as do many other entry-level credit cards.

These options are available to people with midrange credit scores and are excellent for building credit while getting rewards, like cashback on certain types of purchases or extra airlines miles on travel-related purchases.

Overall, the most expensive cards will have the best benefits, but will also have annual fees that can reach into the high hundreds or even thousands. For some, convenience is worth these exorbitant costs, but for most cardholders, practicality will dictate the best card to have.

What is the best credit card to get?

The best card to get will give you the most sign-up bonuses for the least amount of money, if that’s what you’re looking for. Typically, a better sign-up bonus will accompany a larger sign-up fee, but for many, this is worth it.

The Capital One Venture Rewards card offers double miles on every purchase, which for people who travel, far outweighs the 95 USD per year fee. This is typically the story for every credit card; the rewards are very specific and only certain people will make back the ‘investment’ of the annual fee they pay. This is how the credit card company makes money, and how you can beat the system to get the most out of your spending.

By finding cards that will work for your spending habits and signing up for them when you will spend the most, you can easily see a high return on investment. In general, tracking your spending and knowing what large purchases you will have coming up can help you to get the most out of a new credit card, especially ones with certain periods of extra points or rewards after you receive the car.

For example, booking a plane trip on a new card with the airline could get you up to 4x the miles, as the airline card will double your miles and the new card sign up bonus doubles all mileage for the first 3 months. By stacking the bonuses, you can take advantage of every offer they give you, and get the best possible rewards for signing up for a new card.

What is the best credit card to use?

The best credit card to use will depend on what you are going to buy. When you spend on groceries or gas, cards that give rewards on those types of purchases will be better suited to your purchase, but for plane tickets, an airline credit card will offer the best bonuses for your purchase.

The best cards will give you rewards on the purchase you make. Making sure that you spend with the right card for the type of purchase you are making can allow you to earn the maximum points and cashback on each dollar spent.

The best possible way to do this would be to have many different cards, but opening too many lines of credit can hurt your overall credit score. We advise you to select one or two cards to open and ensure they give rewards for your most common purchases so that you see greater returns on your annual fee that you ‘invest’ in the credit card.

By choosing credit cards that give the best rewards, you can double or triple the value of each dollar you spend and see your money returned back to you instead of giving it to a company. This will help you to stretch your spending and take advantage of all the best deals that are available to you. Generally, it is possible to find good credit card bonuses for any situation and the best card to use ill depend on what you are buying and what cards you have.

What are the top 10 credit cards?

We heavily focus our research on rewards credit cards as those tend to give the most back. There are a lot of other choices if you’re specifically looking for cards for balance transfers, poor credit, students, etc.

Here is our list of the top ten rewards credit cards right now are with a very brief idea of what the card offers:

Citi Double Cash Card

This card offers 2% cash back and a straightforward rewards setup.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

Double points on travel and dining purchases make this an excellent card for people who travel often and like to eat out.

Bank of America Premium Rewards Card

Travel an dining purchases earn double points, making this an excellent option for those who travel often.

Chase Sapphire Reserve

Up to 3x rewards points if you spend often on travel and food expenses.

Discover It Student Cash Back

Students can earn a ‘good grade’ bonus and up to 5% cashback for students, and no annual fee.


No annual fee and and the longest 0% APR available to most credit scores.

Chase Freedom Unlimited

1.5% cash back on all purchases and a large sign-up bonus makes this card a great option for all people.

Capital One Venture Rewards Card

TSA Precheck credit and unlimited double miles, combined with a large sign-up bonus, makes this card a great option for travelers.

Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Card

Unlimited 4% cash back on all entertainment and food purchases, and 2% on all grocery purchases, make this card an excellent choice for large families and foodies alike.

Discover It Miles

A simple 1.5 miles on all purchases and miles matching for the first year make this card a good choice for travelers and people who don’t want to deal with the hassle of complicated credit card agreements.

Who has the best credit card?

The best credit card company for you will depend greatly on the circumstances surrounding how you will use the card, and what companies you may or may not already have a card with. Most credit card companies will have excellent offers for first time card holders and those who transfer from another credit card company , or those who have a longstanding relationship with the company and good credit.

Good credit and making informed selections about the card you are applying for are more important than using the same company as friends or people who have recommended a specific card. Though their card may be an excellent choice for them, there may be a card that can fulfill your needs with a better interest rate or benefits given your style or type of spending.

In general, every credit card company will have several styles of card, and the differences between these card options is far greater than the differences between the differing companies and the cards they offer. If you already have a card with a certain company, we suggest that you call or research online their other card options and select the one that offers the best deal for you.

Typically, cards that require higher credit scores will have lower interest rates and will offer more exclusive deals for cardholders. Though another company may have competitive deals, it is always smart to call and ask about the best cards available to you from the credit card company you have a relationship with, especially if you have average to good credit, as they know you are reliable and make your payments on time.

What is the best credit card overall?

The best credit card overall will vary between people because of financial and personal differences. For those who love to eat out, the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card may be the best option, as it offers double points on dining purchases and some travel expenses. For students, the Discover It Student Cash Back card could be the best credit card. They can earn up to 5% cashback and get a bonus for getting good grades each semester of school, plus it has no annual fee, making it an excellent choice for college students that find themselves strapped for cash.

For those who are looking for a card with a simple rewards system and good bonuses, the Chase Freedom Unlimited is hard to beat, as it has 1.5% cashback on all purchases and a particularly large sign-up bonus. These are just a few examples of the variety of cards that are available, and each is best suited to people in specific situations, and makes sense for people with certain spending habits and credit score ranges. The better your credit score and more you spend each month, the better the credit cards are that you are eligible to apply for, with higher credit limits, more bonuses, and lower interest rates.

This is because credit card companies know that you are reliable and will pay them back. The same way that you would not lend a stranger thousands of dollars without knowing that they could pay it back, the credit card company will not offer the cards they stand to lose the most on to just anyone. You will become better able to select from all credit cards on the market if you insure that you have good credit and a good relationship with your credit card company.

What are the top credit cards?

Each credit card company has top-tier credit cards. These cards will require a high credit score and will generally have an annual fee that can be hundreds of dollars. These cards also have excellent rewards and exclusive benefits.

The American Express Platinum card costs over $500 per year, but gives access to hundreds of airport lounges and has many dining rewards all over the country, making it a great card for those who travel often. The Capital One Venture Rewards Card offers a TSA Precheck credit, unlimited double miles, and a large sign-up bonus, making this card a great option for travelers.

Each credit card company has their own version of each of the top tier cards, and each one is designed to be best for a certain style of spending. Some are great for dining out and everyday spending, some are for travel, and some and for business expenses and larger purchases. The most exclusive cards do not even publicly advertise their offers and benefits.

They are generally invite only, can costs thousands of dollars and often have spending minimums each month. Some are even rumored to come with personal shoppers who will get anything the card holders desires, fulfilling their every wish, for a cost, of course. The top credit cards are expensive and exclusive, and there are often better deals for most customers for far less money in annual fees and spending minimums.

What are the best credit cards to own?

The best credit card to own will give you the best rewards, have a low annual fee, and have a low interest rate. The better a credit card’s benefits, the more it will typically cost each year. For certain groups, such as active duty military, many credit cards companies will waive the annual fees for their top-tier cards.

Should you fall into a group that is eligible for the exclusive cards at a low or waived fee, you should seriously consider applying for them, as they will be the best possible deals. For those who are not eligible for such deals, we advise you to research directly from the source and get information from the credit card companies for the most up to date information and deals they have available for customers.

Secondary sources can become out of date, and those who claim there is one single ‘best’ card to own are simply deluding themselves and readers. Only you know the specifics of your finances and personal spending habits. We strongly advise you to track your purchases and then use the information you collect to guide your choice of what credit card to get.

We have lists on our site of cards we suggest, but again, please do your own research into what will work best for you! At the end of the day, no one can tell you what the best card for you is.

What is the best credit card offer?

The best credit card offer will depend on what you spend the most on, be it groceries and gas, plane tickets, or dining out. The best credit cards will give you the best rewards on the purchases you make. Ensuring that you spend with the right type of card for the purchase you are making can allow you to earn the maximum points and cashback on each dollar spent. The offers that have large sign-up bonuses are great, especially if you have large purchases such as travel or another significant expense coming up.

Some cards have a three-month or six-month period after getting the card in which you will earn double or triple points, and taking advantage of this can be extremely beneficial. The biggest factor in selecting the best credit card offer is choosing the right card for you. Sign up bonuses are great, but the long-term benefits of having a card that best suits your lifestyle and spending habits is far more important than a few thousand credit card points.

Typically, credit card companies do not put the very best sign up bonuses on the best cards. The large sign up bonuses go on cards with higher interest rates or larger annual fees, which allow the company to recoup its ‘investment’ of the sign up bonus faster. A large sign up bonus can make a very standard card look more attractive on paper, and we advise you to look at how the card will fit into your lifestyle and spending habits more than how the sign up bonus will benefit you.

A card that gives unlimited 2% cash back on all purchases will save you far more money over the course of several years than one with 1% and a sign up bonus equivalent to spending $5,000 on the card. Keep this in mind when selecting your next credit card.