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TheDealExperts shipping news category contains news articles discussing breaking and trending news about everything shipping. From USPS, FedEx, UPS and even Amazon shipping. We want to ensure that you, as a consumer, are up to date regarding any shipping news that may affect your online purchases. TheDealExperts shipping news covers it all. Ensure you don’t miss out on new breaking news by checking back for new articles daily.

Amazon to Open New Pittsburg Fulfillment Center

At the end of last month, Amazon announced some new plans to expand its already-wide network of fulfillment centers by opening a new one in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.The online retail giant expects that the center will provide nearly 800 full-time jobs for workers with a minimum pay rate starting at $15 per hour with benefits.

Amazon Seeks to Open a Fulfillment Center in Henderson

It has recently come to light that Amazon wants to open another fulfillment center in southern Nevada. This was revealed when the City of Henderson announced that Amazon was working with Panattoni Development Co. to build a fulfillment center in west Henderson, which is near the new practice facility for the Raiders football team.

First Quarterly Drop in US Postal Service Shipping Volume in Nine Years is a...

Back in February of 2017, USPS sent a warning regarding its one consistently successful product. In a government filing, USPS stated that the multi-year growth of its shipping and package operations could be threatened if the three customers most responsible for the business, those being FedEx, Amazon, and UPS, continued to expand their own shipping infrastructure, diverting business away from the United States Postal Service.

Amazon and FedEx Cut Ties

Now that Amazon is finally investing in its own personal delivery fleet, FedEx is cutting ties with the e-retailer. After all, Amazon will now be directly competing with the very people that used to ship their boxes.This was revealed when FedEx stated they would no longer make ground deliveries for Amazon once their contract with them expired at the end of the month. This is only two months after FedEx said it would terminate its air delivery contract with the e-retailer as well.