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Save $10 on a Limited Edition Gears 5 Xbox One Controller

Gears 5 is right around the corner, and with it, lots of limited edition or special edition items to celebrate it. If you’re the type of person whose hype for a new game can only be sated by owning a special controller for it, then you’re in luck; you can get $10 off a limited edition Gears 5 Kait Diaz Xbox One controller at Amazon right now. That discount brings the cost to $64.99, which isn’t far off from the price of even a normal brand new controller, and this limited edition one also comes with a special skin for Kait Diaz in-game.

Both Target and Walmart are Offering Car-Seat Trade-in Deals this Month

As is tradition at this point, Target has once again launched a car seat trade-in program, which has always proven to be very popular. This time around, customers who trade in their old car seats will receive a coupon for 20% off of select items; namely, car seats, car seat bases, strollers, travel systems, or baby equipment for the home, such as rockers, bouncers, and high chairs. Walmart is offering a $30 gift card.

Get 2 Months of Free HBO when you buy a Fire TV Stick for...

Getting free things is always nice, but those free things are often only acquired when you actually buy something first. Still, there’s certainly no harm in getting free things when you buy something you’re interested in anyway; so if you’ve been considering a Fire TV Stick, Amazon is offering 2 months of free HBO to go along with it right now.
Walmart’s Best Toys of 2019 List

Walmart’s Best Toys of 2019 List Released

The list includes 48 toys — more than the company’s previous years lists — with a featured trend of gaming. Additionally, the list features mostly Walmart-exclusive toys. Anne Marie Kehoe, vice president of toys at Walmart, said Walmart’s goal is to make it as easy as possible for parents to find the perfect toys for their children.
There’s an Opportunity to get 3 Years of Disney+ for just $4 per Month

There’s an Opportunity to get 3 Years of Disney+ for just $4 per Month

Most everyone knows by now about Disney+, the streaming service the company of the same name is going to launch this November. During D23, we heard a great deal about the different shows and movies that would be available on the service, including many MCU shows, such as She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and Ms. Marvel.

Control is $10 off for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4

With digital games becoming more and more popular due to their convenience, brick and mortar retailers have been looking for ways to bolster sales of physical game copies. Quite frankly, there is answer seems to be a good one; why not just sell new games for cheaper than you can get them online? Both Amazon and Walmart have taken up this practice, selling physical copies of many new releases for $49.94 instead of the classic $60.

You can Save $900 on a 70-inch 4K HDR TV (XBR70X830F) at Walmart Right...

TVs are pretty expensive. 4K TVs are even more so. And 4K TVs from big brand names are some of the most expensive ones out there, never mind how much more costly a huge, 70-inch TV is. Taking all of that into consideration, one should always be on the lookout for killer deals to take advantage of: especially deals that can save you $900.

Highly Anticipated Switch Exclusive Astral Chain is $10 off at Walmart

Walmart has made it pretty clear that they have a new strategy in mind for increasing sales of physical game copies. That strategy turns out to be selling games at a $10 discount, even on the first day of their release. This isn’t just for games that aren’t being anticipated either; the popular Fire Emblem: Three Houses received this treatment, being sold at approximately $50 instead of $60 if you bought a physical copy of it at Walmart. Now, the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch exclusive, Astral Chain, is getting the same discount even though it just launched.