Used Food Trucks, Carts & Trailers for Sale Under $5000

Used Food Trucks, Carts & Trailers for Sale Under $5000

More than 23,000 food trucks operate in the United States, bringing in a total of $1 billion of business each year. For the last several years, the popularity of food trucks has grown tremendously, and many entrepreneurs are looking to open their own food truck. However, investing in a business can be expensive.

With proper research and the right criteria, it may be possible to find used food trucks for sale under $5000. Cheap used food trucks for sale often need some repair or maintenance work, but they can be worth the investment. If you are searching for food trucks under $5000, keep reading to learn what to look for.

What kind of used food truck can you get for less than $5000?

The average food truck or a used food truck with remodels costs about $70,000. But that initial investment is not realistic for everyone looking to start their own food truck business. Finding cheap food trucks for sale is not easy, and used food trucks for sale under $10,000 are likely to be fixer-uppers.

You may be able to purchase an older model food truck or a food truck to use for parts for less than $5000. In some areas, you may be able to find used food trailers for sale under $5000 when sold by owner. Mobile food trailers or used food trucks for sale by owner may be more affordable than food trucks.

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What to Look for When Buying a Food Truck Under $5000

When searching for a food truck under $5000, you have to consider the potential of the truck. Used food trucks for sale might be in need of some work, but you should ensure they fit the basic criteria for your future business, including space for equipment, prep, and storage.

Renovation costs are also a major concern when shopping for used food trucks for sale by owner. While you may be able to find a great deal on the food truck, you have to consider how much money is needed to remodel or repair the truck.

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Where to Find Food Trucks for Sale Under $5000

There are many places to find food trucks for sale under $5000. In your local area, keep an eye out for sale signs on food trucks or used food trucks for sale in dealer lots. You can also search online through eBay, Used Vending, Food Truck Empire, and more. Just start searching for used food trucks for sale near me to get results in your area. If the listings are local, you can see the food truck in person before buying.

How can I get a food truck with no money?

If you do not have a lot of startup money to invest in your business, you can potentially get a food truck with no money. Look for a cheap food truck or food trailer to minimize your upfront investment, and upgrade your food truck when you have the necessary funds.

If a used food truck is outside of your budget, consider partnering with another local business. A current food truck owner may be willing to rent you a truck or negotiate a lease, or a local restaurant may be interested in hiring you to run a food truck for their business.

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