Food Trucks for Sale Near Miami

Miami Food Trucks Miami is a popular tourist destination and one of Florida’s best cities for food trucks. With beautiful weather year-round, incredible local culture, and delicious local cuisine, Miami is a great place to start a food truck business.

There are already many food trucks in operation in Miami, but there are still opportunities for new trucks to break into the market. Researching the best parking spots and understanding the local market will be crucial to standing out from the crowd, though.

If you want to start a food truck business in Miami, you will have to start with food trucks for sale in Florida. Both new and used food trucks for sale in Miami offer plenty of benefits for your business. Keep reading to learn more about food trucks for sale in Miami.

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Where to Buy a Food Truck Near Miami

There are multiple food truck lots in Miami, including Quality Truck Sales, GT Used Trucks, and Food Truck Wynwood. You can find both new and used trucks from food truck dealerships. These trucks may cost more, but they will come with a warranty. Used food trucks from food truck lots are also likely to be renovated or repaired already, so you will not have to invest extra time and money into maintenance.

You can also search for local listings for used food trucks for sale in Miami. Websites like Miami Trailer, Roaming Hunger, Used Vending, craigslist, and eBay all offer used food trucks for sale in Florida. You might be able to find cheap food trucks for sale in Miami by owner and negotiate a lower price. However, keep repair and maintenance costs in mind.

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What to Look for When Buying a Food Truck in Miami

Budget will obviously play a major role in deciding which food truck to buy. If you have a limited budget, you can purchase a used food truck. If you have a larger budget, you can purchase a customized or fully outfitted food truck. With used food trucks, it is important to prepare for repair costs and the time it will take to get your vehicle up to date.

You should also consider the size and layout of the food truck before you purchase it. Your business concept and menu will determine the layout of your kitchen, including what equipment, prep, and storage space you need.

If you have a tight budget, you may want to look into buying a food trailer in Florida. Food trailers for sale may be less expensive than a food truck, but they have to be towed by another vehicle. You have more flexibility when it comes to parking and storing a food trailer, though. Starting your business with a food truck in Miami could be a great way to earn revenue and reinvest in your food truck business later.

Popular Miami Food Trucks

Studying the most popular food trucks in Miami can be a great way to find inspiration and tips for your own business. Checking out the local competition can help you stand out from the crowd and understand customers in your target market. You can learn which foods are the most popular in Miami, where the hottest food trucks park, and how much they charge for their food truck menu items.

  • Mr. Cheezious Food Truck
  • Twice Butter
  • Purple People Eatery
  • Chi-fa Street at Veza Sur
  • El Rey de la Fritas
  • King of Racks
  • Naughty Coffee
  • Caja Caliente
  • HipPOPs
  • Bodega
  • Monster Burgers
  • Eggroll Truck
  • Moty’s Grill
  • Taqueria los Chilangos
  • Don Mofongo
  • Asados El Paisa
  • Jealous Fork
  • The Lobsta Truck
  • Street Twist
  • Mr. Taco

Miami Food Truck Permits

In order to operate a food truck business in Miami, you have to have the necessary permits in place. Having the right food truck is not enough to be successful if you do not have a license to operate. Ensure your truck is in compliance with state-specific requirements, including food prep areas and cooking equipment.

You must have refrigeration capabilities, electricity, a freshwater tank, and storage in your food truck. You must also have a liquid waste tank and a three-compartment sink. Research the proper way to obtain and dump water, and whether or not a certified food manager is required.

In Miami, there are three permits for food trucks: special event permit, peddler’s license, and vacant land permit. The type of permit you have will determine where you can park your truck, how often you can stop to serve, and how frequently you need to renew your permit.