Food Truck for Sale Near Sacramento, California

Food Truck for Sale Near Sacramento, California Parks, museums, entertainment, and nature all come together in the fabric of Sacramento, California. Not too far from the coast, this city is a popular tourist destination and a beloved home for many of the state’s residents. It also has a growing culinary scene, with new fine dining restaurants, casual eateries, and food trucks opening each year. 

If you dream of owning your own food truck, Sacramento is a great place to set up shop. You can expect beautiful weather almost all year long, making it the perfect location to serve food outdoors to hungry customers. Keep reading to learn more about starting your own business, including finding food trucks for sale in Sacramento. You may also want to see food trucks for sale near San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Food Trucks for Sale Near Sacramento

You can’t start a food truck business without having a food truck. As the foundation of your entire business, the food truck you select can greatly impact your success. Budget is often the biggest deciding factor when it comes to selecting a food truck, but you should also think about the needs of your business. From equipment and storage to employees and workflow, your food truck will be home to most of your business’ processes.


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New Food Trucks for Sale Near Sacramento

You can find new food trucks for sale online and in-person at local dealerships or commercial lots. New food trucks are great because they don’t require any repairs and you can start your business almost immediately. You can also purchase a new food truck with a warranty, so maintenance issues are taken care of for some time.

New food trucks are also expensive. On average, vendors pay between $50,000 and $100,000 for new food trucks in Sacramento.

Used Food Trucks for Sale Near Sacramento

Used food trucks or food trailers are significantly less expensive than new food trucks. You can find a no-frills used food truck for $5,000 or less depending on where you look. Keep in mind that repairs may add to the total cost of your food truck.

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How do I start a food truck in Sacramento?

Starting a food truck in Sacramento requires a lot more than a dream. Once you are inspired to start your own California food truck business, there is a lot of planning to do before you can serve customers. From breaking down your budget to learning about local ordinances, proper planning can set your Sacramento food truck up for success.

  • Write out a detailed business plan for your food truck. Including a breakdown of your budget and an outline of your concept. This document can be used to guide your future decisions or solicit outside investments.
  • Review local ordinances and rules to ensure your business is properly registered and licensed. You may also need specific permits to park your food truck in different locations around the city.
  • Learn all about your customers and your competition. Visit popular food trucks in Sacramento and figure out what they are doing well. Understand what your customers want and how you can give it to them.

Most Popular Food Truck Spots in Sacramento

Food trucks can be found all over Sacramento, especially in tourist hotspots. Pick locations that have considerable food traffic and consider switching locations if the traffic decreases throughout the day. Parking near other food trucks can help include your business in the running when customers are making decisions about where to eat. Be careful not to park too close to other food trucks that serve a similar menu to you. You want your business to stand out and offer a unique experience for each customer.

Don’t forget to research local events as well. Events are great for attracting large crowds. You can typically contact an event organizer to learn more about becoming a vendor a the event or getting permission to park onsite.

Best Food Trucks in Sacramento

Food trucks are often ranked based on their customer reviews, so make sure your customers are happy every time they visit your business. You can learn a lot from the most popular food trucks in Sacramento. Be sure not to copy their tactics exactly, though. It is important to put your own spin on things and be original.

Some of the top food trucks in Sacramento include:

  • Hefty Gyros
  • Chando’s Tacos
  • SacYard Tap House
  • Paquitas Mexican Grill
  • Mama Kim Cooks

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