BBQ Food Trucks, Carts & Trailers for Sale

BBQ Food Truck Food trucks are all the rage these days, and BBQ is one of the most popular styles of food trucks. People line up down the street for authentic, local BBQ. The smell of cooking meat alone is enough to draw a crowd to a parked food truck.

If you want to start your own BBQ food truck business, you have to start with the right menu and the right truck. There are many new and used barbecue trucks for sale, and the perfect option will depend on your unique needs. Keep reading to learn more about BBQ concession trucks for sale and how to choose the right one.

Types of BBQ Food Trucks for Sale

The type of BBQ food truck you purchase will depend on your menu. Each BBQ food truck is unique and needs specific equipment to prep and serve food. There are multiple types of BBQ food trucks for sale to accommodate your business and cooking needs.

  • Grill BBQ Truck: If you plan to grill, you will need a food truck that can accommodate that equipment. Grills also need venting capabilities and sufficient prep areas to prepare your menu.
  • Smoker BBQ Truck: For smoking meat, vegetables, cheese, and more, you need a BBQ food truck with a smoker. In many cases, a smoker is separate from the actual food truck to allow from proper ventilation and the necessary temperatures.
  • Propane BBQ Truck: If you want to cook with propane, there are some safety considerations to think through. Propane tanks must be properly installed on the truck and be the right size for your business needs. Tank lines, rings, and gauges must also be inspected for safety.
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Benefits of New vs. Used BBQ Food Truck

Both new and used barbecue trucks for sale offer plenty of benefits for your business. New food trucks tend to me more expensive, but they require less maintenance or repairs. Used food trucks are more affordable, but you may run into some unexpected costs. The pros of new and used BBQ food trucks are listed below for your consideration.

Benefits of New BBQ Food Trucks

  • Ready to go: A new food truck is in pristine condition and ready to outfit with your equipment almost immediately. You can be up and running quickly without having to wait for repairs.
  • Less upkeep: You will not have to worry about unexpected maintenance costs and you will not have to invest in repairs or remodeling for your new food truck. The price of the truck is what you pay,  and maintenance will be far down the road.
  • Warranty: A new food truck from a food truck lot should come with a vehicle warranty. If unexpected issues do arise, you may be covered for several years.

Benefits of Used BBQ Food Trucks

  • Affordability: The upfront investment of a used food truck is significantly less. You can purchase a used BBQ food truck from a food truck lot or from a local listing for sale by owner.
  • Kitchen layout: With a used BBQ food truck, the kitchen is already outfitted and you can determine whether or not you have enough space for your food prep and storage.
  • Permits: In some cases, a BBQ food truck that was recently in operation may still have active permits in place. This can save you time and money when it comes to applying for new permits.

Where to Buy a BBQ Food Truck

You can start your search for BBQ concession trucks for sale by looking for local food truck lots. A quick phone call should tell you whether or not a viable barbeque food truck is available in your area. You can also search online for local listings. Sites like Food Truck Empire, Used Vending, eBay, and craigslist offer plenty of listings for BBQ food trucks.

How much does it cost to start a BBQ food truck?

There are some major costs to consider when starting a BBQ food truck. A reliable BBQ food truck in good, working condition will average between $50,000 and $75,000. Remember to factor in the following costs when starting a new BBQ food truck business.

  • Equipment to properly cook food
  • Ingredients to make each item on your menu
  • Storage to safely store ingredients and food
  • Food prep tools and utensils
  • Extra employees, including salary and benefits
  • Cooking classes or training
  • Permits for your local area
  • Fees for parking your food truck or trailer
  • Cleaning supplies to maintain health and safety standards
  • Marketing materials, including uniforms, flyers, menus, and signs
  • Storage space for your truck when it is not in use
  • A website or app to advertise your business
  • Maintenance costs and repairs for your BBQ food truck
  • Additional food prep or storage in a “commissary” if necessary
  • Serving materials, including plates, utensils, bags, etc.

How much do BBQ trailers make?

Another popular option for mobile BBQ concessions is to purchase a BBQ food trailer for sale. A food trailer is smaller than a food truck, and it has to be towed by another vehicle. However, food trailers are less expensive than food trucks, require less maintenance, and can be more flexible when it comes to location and storage.

Depending on your location, BBQ food trailers can make between $20,000 and $50,000 each season. Concession food trailers are popular at local events and fairs throughout the summer. If you do not want to invest a large amount upfront, or you want to operate a BBQ food truck part time, consider searching for new or used BBQ food trailers for sale.

BBQ food trucks and trailers are staples at local fairs, farmers markets, and outdoor events. With the right food truck or trailer, a great menu, and the proper permits, you can bring in considerable revenue at local events. If you love to cook and make people happy with delicious BBQ, starting a BBQ food truck business might be for you.

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