7 Online Classes New College Students Should Take

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Last Updated on June 18, 2020 by Mark P.

One of the first lessons I learned out of college was this- college didn’t prepare me for anything that actually mattered. With a large number of college grads struggling to enter the workplace year after year as well as the rate of student debt skyrocketing, the need to develop new skills may matter more now than ever before. These are seven online courses available throughout the internet that will help you develop yourself into a more marketable individual as a result.

1. Coding

The phrase “learn to code” might be a joke or an insult to some people, but the truth is we should all have a basic understanding of online coding. Whether you pay for a full course or take advantage of free online resources for basic coding, the thing to realize is that regardless of industry, this is a skill that if you take advantage of now, you’ll be head and shoulders above your peers and competition.

2. Creative Writing

You might not be the best writer, but employers will always place an emphasis on your ability to present and communicate sales pitches and great ideas. By developing a knack for creative writing skills, this will work on your ability to think outside the box and find interesting and effective ways to write, and even verbally communicate your arguments.

3. Financial Literacy

The number of American adults who claim they have little to no grasp as financial literacy is staggering. That rate among college graduates isn’t any better either. Do you know the difference between a savings account and a money market? Do you know the difference between mutual funds and single stocks? How much money will you need to retire? What age do you want to retire? These are all extremely important, and having a good grasp of the basics of financial literacy will pay off in dividends (no pun intended) years later.

4. Marketing

Everything you do is marketing, and if you can sell, you will never go hungry. The principles of marketing apply whether you’re working for a restaurant or a law firm. The basic principle to know is that if you’re competing, you’re marketing whether you know it or not, so you might as well aim to be good at it.

5. Investing

Much like financial literacy, learning how to apply and invest your money so that it is working for you is key. Whether you’re learning to day-trade or establish a long term stream of passive income through dividend investing, savings alone will not help you retire comfortably.

6. IT Certificates

Much like coding, having a firm understanding of certain IT systems and programs will help you add some great strengths to your resume. Whether you’re in an IT field or looking to start a side gig or change careers, this goes hand in hand for getting ready for the economy of the future.

7. Office Productivity

Do you understand Google, Apple, and Microsoft office like the back of your hand? By taking focused courses in those systems and others, you’ll have a masterful understanding of the office skills employers need their developing workforce to have these days.