Most Common Air Fryer Questions Answered

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Air fryers are quite popular and for good reasons. But many people have questions about whether they are worth the price. What follows are some of the most common questions people ask about air fryers.

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Is Air Fried Food Healthy?

Although it depends on the food itself, the air fryer is quite healthy because it does not require the addition of any oil, butter or fat. Standard grills and stoves require oil to keep the food from sticking to the surface. The air fryer does not need any such oil or fat because the food dries quickly on the outside, so that there is really nothing to stick.

The result is that food can be prepared without any additional oil that adds unwanted fats to the meal.

How does an Air Fryer Work?

As the name implies, this device uses superheated air to surround food and cook it evenly. The fryer itself is really a pot that creates air flow around the sides, top, and bottom so the food is prepared evenly and quickly. Plus, because superheated air is used, there is no need for oil or butter to line the fryer.

What Types of Food can I Cook in an Air Fryer?

There are many types of foods that can be cooked in an air fryer. The best are frozen foods which can be thawed and cooked inside the fryer. Bacon and cookies are also great when prepared by the air fryer.

What Types of Food should I Not Cook in an Air Fryer?

There are certain foods that do not belong in an air fryer. The most common of which is cheese which can melt and create a big mess inside the fryer. Other foods to avoid include wet batters and over-seasoned items that can lose a lot of their flavor when placed in an air fryer.

What is the Best Air Fryer on the Market?

That’s a question up for debate, but the Philips XXL Air Fryer has garnered considerable reviews for its overall performance.

What are the Pros and Cons of an Air Fryer?

The positives include the wide range of food that can be prepared in an air fryer. Combined with the easy cleanup because no oil or fat is added. They are also quite fast in cooking food and make most items crispy and delicious.

However, not all foods turn out delicious. Some food like broccoli for example simply dry out and taste like sandpaper.

Can Raw Chicken Be Cooked in an Air Fryer?

Yes, you can cook raw chicken assuming it fits into your air fryer. In fact, the air fryer is a great way to thaw frozen raw chicken.

Can Bacon be Air Fried?

Absolutely. In fact, air fryers are a great way to cook bacon as it becomes crispy and delicious. If you love bacon, then you really need to try an air fryer.

Is an Air Fryer Really Worth the Money?

Yes, they are worth the money if you enjoy preparing food that will be crispy, free of oil, and delicious.