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Last Updated on February 14, 2023 by Mark P.

The new FUJIFILM X-H2 camera has been released, and it promises to bring high-resolution and speed to the next evolution of X Series. Equipped with a new 40.2-megapixel sensor, the X-H2 offers unrivaled image quality for both stills and video, unlocking a world of creative possibilities far beyond what any previous APS-C format camera has ever done before.

X-H2 used or new, this camera is sure to impress photographers and videographers alike. It is the world’s first 40-megapixel APS-C sensor, and it blends the compact and lightweight versatility of APS-C mirrorless cameras with an unmatched back-side illuminated X-Trans CMOS 5 HR imaging sensor. The optimized pixel layout promises exceptional detail, unrivaled color accuracy, and impressive video flexibility, made possible only with the lightning-fast performance of X-Processor 5.

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When it comes to buying used, eBay and similar sites are a great place to start your search. Not only does it give you an idea of availability, it’s also a great way to get an idea of pricing for used items. Fans of the X-H2 camera are well advised to give eBay a look. Tip: Try to find a seller nearby so you don’t have to pay exorbitant shipping fees.

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X-H2 Used & New Features

One of the most impressive features of the X-H2 is its native 8K video resolution, giving filmmakers several ways to unlock the camera’s true potential. X-H2 offers a suite of video functions that make it perfect for every moviemaking occasion. It can record 10-bit 4:2:2 footage internally at up to 8K/30p using a CFexpress Type B card, while 12-bit Apple ProRes RAW or Blackmagic RAW footage can be recorded to compatible external devices via the full-size HDMI Type A port.

For stills photographers, the X-H2 offers full-resolution images at an incredible 15 frames-per-second when using the mechanical shutter, while those switching to the electronic shutter can work at 20fps in the 1.29x crop factor option. Further high-speed options are provided by the electronic shutter’s 1/180,000 sec top speed, while photographers seeking optimum quality will welcome the lower minimum ISO 125.

Whether you are in the market for a new or used X-H2, this camera will not disappoint. The X-H2 is the first X Series to feature Pixel Shift Multi-Shot, which delivers 160-megapixel images for the ultimate quality when detail really matters. This groundbreaking feature is invaluable for archival recording and other commercial applications where color fidelity and fine detail are paramount.

Improved in-body image stabilization (IBIS) offers seven stops of compensation and features an enhanced algorithm that improves motion detection. This produces shake-free results in more scenarios than ever before, most notably when panning or following subjects on foot for video.

The X-H2 also offers a broad range of wired and wireless options for transferring image and video data. The camera body supports wireless image transfer through the Fujifilm Remote Camera App and natively delivers webcam resolutions of up to 4K/60p for a high-quality live streaming experience. With the optional VFT-XH Wireless File Transmitter Battery Grip, functionality is expanded even further.