How To Get The Best Deal On A Used iPhone XS

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Buying a new phone can be an incredibly expensive process, especially for iPhone users. With new models released every year, is it really worth it to buy the newest one? Not necessarily. If you are looking for a new phone but don’t want to break the bank, there are plenty of used iPhone options online. If you are debating on an iPhone model, the iPhone XS is still a quality phone even when compared to newer models.

If you want a brand-spankin’ new phone, that’s fine too! This phone is an option if you want a quality purchase for a much lower cost than a new phone. They were discontinued last year, so they could be on their way to becoming a collector’s item, as well.

Where to buy used iPhone XS

Since the iPhone XS is discontinued, online options are your best bet. Apple sells certified refurbished phones, but there are used models that may be even more affordable. eBay has an excellent system set up for buying used phones. If you know your provider, there are provider-specific ones, or you can pay a bit more for an unlocked iPhone XS.

There are other sites to buy refurbished phones on such as Gazelle or Swappa, but eBay has some of the easiest ways to buy. On Swappa they can be up to $750. Another option for used iPhones is amazon.

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An unlocked iPhone XS on eBay will run you about $500 for the smallest storage size. They come in 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB, and they vary in price. A 256GB model can run you up to $600, and a 512GB model also stays around $600. The iPhone XS comes in three colors which are gold, silver, and space gray. While being a discontinued item, all of the colors are equally available. Considering a new iPhone will cost close to $1000, you’re saving about 40% of the price by going for the iPhone XS.

There are other sites to buy refurbished iPhones on such as Gazelle or Swappa, but eBay has some of the easiest ways to buy. On Swappa they can be up to $750. Another option for used iPhones is amazon.

What is the iPhone XS?

The iPhone XS was released in 2018, and it’s still a pretty decent phone. The iPhone XS was released the year after the iPhone X. The ‘X’ stands for ten, and the ‘S’ stands for speed. It comes in a regular size and the iPhone XS Max. Comparing it to the more recent iPhone, the iPhone 11, it’s very similar. In fact, the iPhone XS has a better screen, as it is an OLED instead of an LED.

The body style is the same as the iPhone X, with some upgraded features. Some people consider this phone to be superior to the iPhone 11, and the iPhone XS comes in a smaller size. Unfortunately, this model has been discontinued but it is still available used and refurbished online. The phone was discontinued because it was so similar to the new phones coming out, and would be cheaper in price.

Why a used iPhone XS?

As mentioned earlier, new phones are expensive. Apple releases another model every single year, and if you are looking to upgrade, the iPhone XS has many of the same features as the iPhone 11 and costs about half of the price. It has a better screen with the OLED, and does not have the home button. It also has dual cameras that work almost as well as those on the newer phones.

Many iPhone users swear by the iPhone XS and have not upgraded to the newer models. The difference in quality is very minimal. The only thing you miss out on is better battery life since the 11 has a larger one.

To sum it up, whether you are a seasoned iPhone user or not, the iPhone XS is a great phone to go with. Being discontinued, refurbished and used are your only options, so try out eBay or other similar sites to find one. The price is lower than a brand-new phone and will do pretty much the same job.