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Used iPhone 6 Deals

When it comes to the latest and greatest in smartphone technology, Apple is known as the leader. They consistently release new generations of the iPhone every year, releasing the most advanced features and the newest innovations. While Apple certainly has very loyal customers and followers who wait for the next phone release, not everyone cares about the newest iPhone.

At this point, an iPhone is almost a necessity. We use our smartphones to keep in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. We check our personal and work emails, we communicate on social media, and we stay up to date with the latest news. Thankfully, you can do all of these things from a used iPhone 6 and save a lot of money. Keep reading to learn more about a used iPhone 6 and why it is an affordable option if you need a smartphone.

With so many retailers offering older-model iPhones for sale, finding the best deal on an iPhone 6 or 6S might seem overwhelming. Here are some of the current deals available at eBay:

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Should you buy a used iPhone 6 in 2020?

The iPhone 6 is certainly not the most recent smartphone release from Apple. The phone was launched in September of 2014, and by 2016 the iPhone 7 was released. Staying up to date with Apple seems impossible sometimes as new, expensive iPhone generations are released each year. While the iPhone 6 is several years old, it is far from obsolete.

When the iPhone 6 was released, the CEO of Apple boasted the “biggest advancements in iPhone history.” We are only six years removed from that time, and the technology found in the iPhone 6 is still useful today. If you care about functionality and the basic capabilities of a smartphone, the iPhone 6 will provide all of the features you need.

What features are included with the iPhone 6?

When the iPhone 6 was released, the display was larger than previous models. A used iPhone 6 has a 4.7-inch screen with Retina HD technology, and it featured a thinner and more slim design than previous generations of the iPhone. The anodized aluminum and shaped glass offer a smooth surface that is also durable.

You can use FaceTime with the iPhone 6 as well as Apple Pay, Health app features, and the QuickType keyboard. The iPhone 6 comes with the iSight camera that will autofocus, stabilize the image, and reduce subject motion. You can capture high-definition video with a used iPhone 6, and LTE technology enables fast download speeds.

How much does a used iPhone 6 cost?

A used iPhone 6 is extremely affordable at $70 or less. When the iPhone 6 was released in 2014, pricing started at $199 and quickly increased to $499. If you compare the price of a used iPhone 6 to the latest iPhone 12 from Apple, the cost savings are very apparent. The new iPhone 12 starts at $699, making a used iPhone 6 an affordable alternative.

Used iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6 was an extremely successful release for Apple, and it was quickly followed by the iPhone 6s the next year. The iPhone 6s did not perform as well as Apple anticipated because it was so similar to the iPhone 6. However, Apple has continued the pattern of released an “S” edition of many of their latest smartphone releases.

A used iPhone 6s offers a very affordable alternative to purchasing a new iPhone. You may lose some of the newest features or capabilities of the latest generation of iPhone, but you will keep all of the major smartphone functions. If you need to make phone calls, communicate via text or email, access the internet, and take pictures with your smartphone, a used iPhone 6s is your answer.


Used iPhone 6 vs. Used iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s are very similar on the surface, but there are some differences underneath. Apple does not change much about the appearance and design of the phone when they release an “S” version. The iPhone 6s is a little bit larger than the iPhone 6 and slightly heavier. The iPhone 6s also kept the same quality and durability of the iPhone 6 in terms of build and casing.

The iPhone 6s featured the new 3D Touch capabilities that can detect the pressure of contact on the screen. The feature enables users to launch a variety of commands from the home screen without entering an app. You can also view a list of available options from the home screen and use 3D Touch for shortcuts.

The iPhone 6s also features faster speeds and better overall performance than the iPhone 6. The CPU performance was boosted by 70% over the previous model and the graphics perform 90% better.

Should you buy a used iPhone 6s?

A used iPhone 6s is a great option for many people. If you want a smartphone but do not want to spend a lot of money, a used iPhone 6s offers most of the features you need. Parents who want to buy a smartphone for their children might also benefit from purchasing a used iPhone 6s. Kids and teens can learn how to take care of an expensive piece of technology, and wear and tear is not as big of a deal. A used iPhone 6s might also be a good idea for older users who do not care about the advanced features of the latest iPhone model.

How much does a used iPhone 6s cost?

A used iPhone 6s costs $100 or less on average and only slightly more than a used iPhone 6. The price of a used iPhone 6s depends largely on the overall condition of the phone. A used iPhone 6s is excellent or like-new condition will cost more than a smartphone with noticeable damage. The cost of a used iPhone 6s can also be impacted by the storage capacity and whether or not the phone is unlocked.


Used iPhone 6s Plus

While some people wait on pins and needles for the latest Apple iPhone release, others just want a smartphone that works. If you want to save money or stick to the basics, a used iPhone 6s Plus is an affordable option. The iPhone 6s Plus is only five years old, and the technology inside the phone is far from outdated.

The latest iPhone release highlights the constant evolution and innovation of Apple. Unfortunately, it is expensive to keep up with the latest generation of iPhone thanks to new releases each year. When the iPhone 6s Plus was released it featured some of the innovative technology still used in new iPhones today. Keep reading to learn more about used iPhone 6s Pluses.

What features are included with the iPhone 6s Plus?

The iPhone 6s Plus was released in September of 2015 alongside the iPhone 6s. It was launched just one year after the iPhone 6, and it was followed by the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus the next year. The iPhone 6s did not include many changes from the iPhone 6, but the iPhone 6s Plus offered a newer approach.

The iPhone 6s Plus introduced Live Photos, which capture the moment surrounding a picture. Instead of simply taking a still photo, users can view the moment before and after the photo was taken and edit the photo if needed. The smartphone also incorporated 3D Touch and the advanced A9 chip.

A used iPhone 6s Plus supports high-definition video and 4K resolution for stunning video quality. The FaceTime camera was also improved and Retina Flash was added to make the display brighter.

How much does a used iPhone 6s Plus cost?

When the iPhone 6s Plus was first released in 2015, pricing started at $649. Apple no longer sells the iPhone 6s Plus, but you can purchased a used iPhone 6s Plus through third-party retailers and individual sellers. The average price of a used iPhone 6s Plus is about $100 to $150. The iPhone 6s Plus offers a much more affordable option than the new iPhone 12 from Apple, starting at $699. A used iPhone 6s Plus in better condition or one with a larger storage capacity may cost more.

Should you buy a locked or unlocked used iPhone 6s Plus?

If you purchase a used iPhone 6s Plus, it is important to pay attention to whether or not the phone is unlocked. An unlocked used iPhone 6s Plus may cost more than a locked phone, but it can be used with any phone carrier. You can rest assured knowing the used phone will be compatible with your preferred phone service provider, so you do not have to switch providers or purchase a new phone.