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Mathews Bow Deals

Mathews Archery is a well-known manufacturer of compound hunting bows and target bows. Hunters love their gear, and they are always looking for the latest and greatest options. If you love to hunt with a compound bow or are learning the ropes, you may research Mathews bows. These bows can get very expensive, though. It may be more affordable to purchase a used Mathews bow than a brand new model. Keep reading to learn more about used Mathews bows.

Mathews Bows for Sale

With so many different retailers offering Mathews Bows for sale, getting the best deal on a bow might seem overwhelming. 3rd party retailers and resellers, however, are a good option to buy from much of the time, or at least to consider with used items, because of the larger selection you get to choose from.  Here are some of the current deals available at eBay:

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What is a Mathews bow?

Mathews Inc. is one of the best compound bow manufacturers in business today. As a global leader for hunting and target bows, Mathews bows are highly valued among hunters. The brand was created by Matt McPherson, an engineer who rooted the company in innovation and engineering solutions.

Mathews offers a wide range of compound hunting bows, featuring a levering system. This style of bow is more energy-efficient than other models, and the construction offers better accuracy. The bow is less sensitive to temperature and humidity changes, and many hunters prefer to use a compound bow for their favorite activity.

Many hunters prefer Mathews bows because they are quieter and lack vibration when shooting. The bows are also known for their smoothness and quality. The fit and finish of a Mathews bow is undeniable and the components are considered high quality. The accuracy of Mathews bows is also highly regarded, and the company is constantly trying to improve their hunting and competition bows.

How much do Mathews bows cost?

New Mathews bows range in price based on the model, features, and specs. Bows from Mathews start around $50-70 for used 3rd-party sales and increase up to $2,000 or more for new or custom bows. The bow builder feature on their website enables you to select the base and customize your bow to make it entirely your own. The price will vary significantly based on the custom features you choose.

Is a used Mathews bow worth the money?

While new Mathews bows can cost quite a bit, a used Mathews bow offers an affordable alternative. You will typically only find used Mathews bows for sale by owner or on resale websites. Retailers do not resale Mathews bows for the most part. You may be able to find a high-quality bow at a lower price when purchasing a Mathews bow used instead of new.

Pricing for a used Mathews bow may be less than a new model, but you should pay attention to the condition of the bow. Mathews bows come with a warranty when they are purchased new, but that warranty does not typically extend to a new user. If you purchase a used Mathews bow from someone, the warranty may become void. Check reviews for the bow to determine its durability and see how well it stands up to wear and tear over time. Mathews bows have a reputation for being high quality, and a used Mathews bow can be in excellent condition if it is well cared for.

You can build your own bow as well: