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Are you looking to purchase a used electric bicycle? Unsure where to find one or what to look for? See our tips below to ensure you're getting a quality, affordable e-bike.

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Do you have a love of bicycles, but you want a little extra power? Do you find yourself growing tired when you go up hills or bike long distances? Sometimes all that effort and exercise can be too much for your knees and back, making it difficult to enjoy your ride. That’s where electric bikes or (e-bikes) come in!

Around your town or neighborhood, you might’ve seen a sign that said “used electric bikes for sale,” and it made you wonder, “is an electric bike right for me?”

Where to buy used electric bikes

While you can buy a new electric bike at the sporting goods store, it might be a little challenging to find one locally. If you’re not in a popular biking area, the chances are that your neighbors aren’t going to be selling electric bikes at their garage sales. That’s okay because you have the internet, where there are thousands of sellers waiting to sell you a used electric bike.

If you’re interested in purchasing an electric bicycle from a respected seller, please click this link:

Should I buy a new electric bike or used one?

This depends on the individual. The good thing about buying a used electric bike is that it is way cheaper than buying it brand new. A new electric bike can range anywhere from $600 to $3,000 while a used electric bike is usually under $500. Plus, you won’t have to pay for additional costs of purchasing the cycle (i.e., advertising fees, preparation fees, and processing fees).

Unfortunately, buying a used electric bike might mean that it comes without a warranty, inconvenient if the cycle ever malfunctions or fails. Coming used also means that your electric bike has a shorter lifespan than what you would’ve received for the full price.

Electric bikes make biking just a little easier, but they can come at a hefty price. What do you do when you want an electric bike, but you’re not ready to spend your life savings? Where do you go? What do you look for?

We’ll answer those questions and more below.

What is the history of electric bikes?

The first bike was created in Germany and named Laufmaschine (or “the running machine”) in 1817. It was given to the Baron Karl Von Drais, which is why the English deemed it the Draisine. Since then, the technology for two-wheeled bikes has only become more innovative over time. Engineers added extra wheels, seats, handles, breaks, bars, baskets, and lastly, motors.

The very first electric bike was invented in the 1890s. This invention propelled the bike using a battery, a six-hole brush, and a DC hub motor on the rear wheel. There were absolutely no gears, and it had the power of 100 AMPS. Later, the design was improved by a two-motor model, then a rear-drive model. Then 100 years passed, and engineers included torque sensors and speed control, which resulted in the e-bike we know today.

Benefits of having an electric bike

Electric bikes are great for the environment because they run on electricity alone, which means they cut down on fuel usage and greenhouse gases. By providing another form of transportation besides vehicles, people feel healthier and more in control of their environmental footprint. For anyone who wasn’t in enough shape to long bike distances, now they have the option to do so without straining themselves too much. It’s a great solution!

What to look for before buying used electric bikes

Electric bike enthusiasts have a few rules when it comes to buying a bike. The first rule is that you must be aware of the battery’s condition and the voltage. Typically a 36 volt 10 ah is the best way to go. Is the battery on the frame instead of the bars? This results in more riding balance. Check the electric hub motor and make sure that it’s waterproof, over 500 watts, and is easily removed in case of malfunction or failure.

Taking a bike to your destination can be an environmentally safe alternative to transportation, but taking an electric bicycle is great for the environment AND your aching muscles! Don’t let uphill rides or long distances hold you back anymore! Grab a used electric bike today!

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