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Are you searching for a carnival glass vase for sale? The unique style of the vase is instantly recognizable and ranges in color and design. Popular among collectors and decorating enthusiasts, a carnival glass vase for sale can be the perfect display piece for any home or business. Some manufacturers still create carnival glass vases today in small quantities, but the bulk of carnival glass vases for sale are vintage or antique pieces with a rich history.

Where to Get a Good Deal on Carnival Glass Vases

With various retailers offering carnival glass vases for sale, getting the best deal on carnival glass vases might seem overwhelming. Here are some of the current deals available at eBay:

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What is a carnival glass vase?

Made from molded or pressed glass, carnival glass vases have a unique iridescent shimmer. The iridescent shimmer is applied to the surface, which makes the glass vase look as expensive and rich as higher-end brands. Metallic salts are applied to the glass after pressing, while the surface is still hot. The final firing of the vase creates a shimmer by bringing out the iridescence of the salts.

Sometimes referred to as the poor man’s Tiffany, carnival glass vases were designed to imitate the popular styles created by Tiffany, Loetz, and similar brands. Because carnival glass vases were more affordable than finer brands, they were sometimes given away as carnival prizes or at fairgrounds. Collectors adopted the name “carnival glass vase” in the 1950s because of this origin, although many vases were purchased as decoration for the home.

At a time when only the wealthy could afford electric lights in the home, housewives often decorated with carnival glass vases. The iridescent shine and beautiful colors of the vases were able to brighten up a home, with or without electricity. Over time, the production of carnival glass vases for sale spread to other continents, including Europe and Asia.

Price of Carnival Glass Vase for Sale

The price of a carnival glass vase for sale can vary due to many factors. Some carnival glass vases are available for as little as $6, while other pieces range higher than $1,000. The size and shape of the vase can impact the price as well as the age, maker, and condition of the carnival glass vase for sale. Many items are still in near-perfect condition, making great decorative items or collectibles.

When shopping for a carnival glass vase for sale, expect to pay a bit more in shipping than normal. The delicate nature of the vases requires care and attention when packing and shipping purchases. In some cases, the higher cost of shipping may be factored into the overall price of the item.

Collect Carnival Glass Vase for Sale

Many people collect carnival glass today, hunting for the next carnival glass vase for sale to add to their collection. Collectors can focus on a specific size or style of vase to create a cohesive collection, look for a certain color or color palette, or seek out carnival glass vases from a specific era. The options for collecting carnival glass vases are endless. While rarer pieces are more desirable and valuable, collectors can find less expensive items that are wonderful decorations or conversation pieces.