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Something about a glass tower with jewelry hanging off of it screams nostalgia. Bonus points if it’s a ring holder. An old glass ring stand is usually designed with great detail, and is more of a statement piece for your dresser or desk. Glass ring stands are hard to come by these days, and are collector’s items that are easiest to buy online.

While you may come across them at the thrift store, if you’re looking for quality you should definitely search online. Obviously ring holders are still a thing you can buy, but they do not come as detailed works of art made of glass anymore.

Where to Buy Old Glass Ring Stands & Holders

While they can be found gathering dust on the shelves of a thrift store and Goodwill, the internet is where you will be able to pick and choose just what kind of glass ring stand you want to purchase. Websites like Etsy have hundreds of glass ring holders, as well as eBay.

On top of the vintage collector glass ring holders, artists make their own as well. Hand blown glass ring holders can also be purchased on sites such as Etsy. If you are looking for the real deal, try a vintage seller or eBay.

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Buy Old Glass Ring Stands

History of Vintage Glass Ring Stands

Crystal cut glass ring holders are now considered vintage as they don’t sell them on the shelves of target anymore. There’s no specific date that they were first made, but they were common place for jewelry holders for quite a long time. The glass was predominantly clear-cut crystal, which made the ring stands look very elegant. Having a clear glass ring stand was the perfect backdrop to make your colorful and loud jewelry stand out.

Most of what you will find today for glass ring holders are one of a kind. Gathered over the years, many are considered antiques. While not many have dates of when they were made, all of the clear class ring stands have incredible detail on them.  There is not a lot of information out there about old glass ring holders, but they are a very cool find to add to your vintage collection.

How Much Are Old Glass Ring Stands?

Old glass ring holders can range from very cheap to pretty pricy. Some of the cheapest listings on eBay are around $5, while others can creep up to $30. These are the main price ranges for a glass ring holder that is pre-owned but in good condition.

Why Buy An Old Glass Ring Stand?

If you are a vintage collector, you probably have quite a bit of jewelry laying around. Instead of displaying it on modern jewelry trees, or tucking it away in a box, a glass ring stand is the perfect way to showcase the items you have been collecting. They come in an array of shapes and sizes, and could become a collection themselves.

They look fancy and expensive, and are a great addition to any vintage décor set. There does not seem to be a shortage of different kinds online, so take your time looking around to find one you really like. Many are reasonably priced, so perhaps you end up with more than one. Maybe five glass ring holders, who knows!