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When it comes to collectibles, dolls and figurines are up there in popularity. One collection, in particular, is the Bratz Dolls of the early 2000’s. They had a very distinct look, and as the slogan stated, a passion for fashion. The first Bratz dolls were released in 2001, and the collection included a few red-headed dolls. These dolls weren’t part of the main clique, but they were still popular dolls. Bratz Dolls have very long hair, and on some of the dolls it even “grows. These dolls are perfect for practicing hair styling.

What’s Available & Where to Buy Bratz Dolls?

The problem with looking for Bratz Dolls to collect is that most were owned and love by young children. There is a good chance that most of the listings won’t have all of the pieces with them, and the hair will probably not be in good condition.

Listings on eBay show red hair Bratz Dolls with no clothes, but intact hair and makeup painted on. One red hair Bratz Doll, in particular, is named Meygan, and she was featured in the television series. A listing for Meygan and her red hair will run you about $10-$15 with no clothes. With a complete outfit set, this red-haired Bratz Doll will run about $20-40 on eBay. If she is still in the box, you may be looking at about $60 for this particular Bratz Doll. There are other red-haired Bratz Dolls, but she was the most popular model.

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Buy Bratz Dolls at eBay

Where to Buy Bratz Dolls

As with any collectible, eBay will be your go-to for Bratz Dolls. Etsy has many listings, as well but mostly for dolls in condition for a craft project. A Bratz Doll good for craft projects will usually be around $15 on there. eBay has the best selection, and even has some which are still in the box. Some of the boxed special edition Bratz Dolls will be around $70.

Other than Meygan, there are other red-haired Bratz Dolls up for sale as well. Most of them are listed as nameless except for Meygan. She is definitely the one to get for a collector. A rare Meygan red-headed Bratz Doll runs you about $34-$50.

If you were young in the early 2000s, you probably had one of these Bratz Dolls. They didn’t seem to be a collector’s item that people held on to, so maybe you want to get one for old time’s sake. Or, you want to work on that craft project that’s been in the back of your head. Either way, grabbing a red-haired Bratz Doll online is a fairly affordable way to start a collecting hobby.

History of Bratz Dolls

Bratz dolls were released in 2001, and became an immediate hit. In contrast to Barbie, the Bratz dolls were all of varying ethnic backgrounds, and came with unique styles. Along with the dolls, there was a TV series that introduced a massive amount of characters, expanding the fandom, which created more dolls to eventually become collector’s items.

The series was so successful that there was a live-action film released in 2007. However, that film did not do so well. That didn’t stop sales of the dolls, though. The Bratz dolls have also caused controversy over the years, regarding the outfit choices and the stylized proportions.

After a failed attempt at rebranding, Bratz dolls were discontinued and they have become collector’s items. The red-haired Bratz Dolls are hard to find in mint condition.

What to do with your Bratz Dolls collectible?

While many people collect Bratz Dolls for childhood nostalgia, or just another figuring to collect, hobbyists collect the dolls too. There are trends online of people making videos of art projects done with red-haired Bratz Dolls. If you are able to find one in decent condition, even without the clothes, you can make it your own.

People who design doll clothes can use the Bratz Dolls as models. As well, there are internet trends of removing the makeup on the Bratz Dolls and giving them makeovers. This trend is a fascinating one connecting back to the controversy over the Bratz Dolls appearances. Removing the makeup makes them look entirely different, and you can make them your own. The redhead Bratz Doll comes with very long hair, which is also good for styling and practicing, as well.

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