Used Outboard Motors for Sale | Where to Buy

Are you looking to purchase a used outboard motor? Unsure where to find one at a great price? See our tips below including who currently has them for sale.

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An outboard motor is a small engine with a propeller designed to be attached outside the boat, typically in the back of the craft. Along with providing propulsion, an outboard motor provides steering control for a boat.

Where Can You Find Used Outboard Motors on Sale?

There are many online sellers offering outboard motors for sale. Therefore, you’ll need to do thorough research before making a purchase decision to ensure you’re buying from a trusted dealer. It’s easy to find yourself in the hands of unscrupulous sellers who offer sub-standard outboard motors.

If you’re looking to buy used outboard motors, browse various types of outboard motors for sale here:

What Are the Advantages of Outboard Motors?

They are easier to maintain

Outboard motors are significantly easier to maintain as compared to inboard motors. Since the whole system is easily accessible from inside the boat, working on an outboard motor is much easier and takes less time. Moreover, you can easily remove the motor from the boat since it’s not in a confined compartment. You only need to remove the protective waterproof shell, and you’ll access the motor components. The ease of maintenance translates to lower labor costs and less time off the water.

Size and space

While outboard motors may appear bulky, they don’t carry much weight. Besides, they are designed to be attached to the outside of a boat to allow for more room inside the boat. This aspect allows outboard motors for sale to be great for various watersports.

Outboard motors are quieter

Outboard motors are quieter compared to other boat engines. This is one of the aspects that gives them an upper hand. If you love quieter rides, then you’ll have to go with outboard motors for sale.

Greater portability

Smaller outboard motors for sale boast greater portability; hence they can be easily detached from the boat and put in storage. Besides, outboard motors for sale make maneuverability a simple process.

Reasons Why Buying Used Outboard Motors for Sale Is Better Than Buying New

There are many benefits of buying used outboard motors for sale rather than buying new. First, used outboard motors are considerably cheaper due to depreciation. A new outboard motor can be expensive if your budget is limited. The good thing about buying a pre-owned outboard motor for sale is that you can get a motor in good condition for much less.

If you’re looking to buy high-end outboard motors that are super-expensive, the best option would be buying pre-owned units.  Besides, buying a used outboard motor for sale allows you to avoid initial depreciation that a new motor goes through. A new outboard motor undergoes more depreciation compared to a used motor. Therefore, buying a used outboard motor for sale ensures depreciation is minimized.